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I spend a lot of time traveling across the country working with new and experience investors.  It's a joy and passion of my life to help them succeed.  What I run into a lot is helping educate their team members (Realtors and Mortgage Brokers) about the true way to finance their investor's deals....
What to Invest In? I often get asked by other investors (often very new or green investors) what do I invest in or buy in the Awesome real estate market that is available in Austin, Texas. Well, that is not an easy or one sentence answer especially in this market. With the Austin real estate mark...
My Investment Week In Houston I work with a lot of investors across the country to help them either get their real estate investment business off the ground or help them take it to the next level. My schedule is usually packed one to two months out. I sometimes feel like the post office in that I...
When Life Just Goes Right Life has a habit of throwing us for a loop from time to time. Along with these loops, there often comes an amount of bewilderness as to why these "loops" happen to good people. Sometimes the "loops" just line up in all entirely positive way that makes one truly believe o...
I often find myself reflecting on how I am able to accomplish so much while I travel. Here I am sitting in Panera after spending the morning with one investor, lunch and the afternoon with another, while I have successfully leased one of my houses for 12 months, raised another $500K in private mo...
Hello Investors,After a few months off, I am back on the blogging trail again.  I have been very busy in the mortgage and real estate investment business these last few crazy months and I am looking for investors who want to take advantage of the ton of due diligince that I have been working on l...
Are you a new real estate investor who is struggling to put together what you have learned?  Are you drowning in tapes, cd's, and manuals that are starting to collect dust on your busy bookshelf!  Do you want to just throw your hands up in the air and say "HELP ME!"  I am here to help!  I am a re...
Hello Fellow Investors!Investing in Real Estate has become a passion of mine over the last couple of years.  And within the last couple of years I have had the pleasure to meet and be mentored by some of the greatest individuals within the industry.  While I have had the opportunity to meet the l...
Hello Real Estate Investors!  Whether you are buying your first home or your 100th home, you are all real estate investors!  I have read many articles and heard the media discussing the Doomsday that is going to be hitting the real estate and mortgage industry this year or next.  As a full time r...


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