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Informative and entertaining witticisms pertaining to all Real Estate and it's related realms. The commentary should be thought provoking within an informal environment. Statistics regarding local real estate are frequently provided as a guide to assess long and short term trends. Generally associated with all forms of Real Estate and Property development in America throughout its history.
Doesn't it make sense to fuel your body with the healthiest foods you can find from the start of your day. One of my favorites is oatmeal because it's difficult to completely lessen their nutritional value no matter how they're prepared. Sugars are the foe these days and they can be hidden in nea...
Yogurt is only two things: bacteria and milk. To make it, you heat milk, allow it to cool a bit then add live cultures (aka bacteria) let it incubate until it thickens and voilà, you have yogurt.People have been doing this for thousands of years but there is an art to it. The basic formula can be...
Your Bikini Body plans are now in full swing! I can no longer assist guys who still need to get into those size 34 shorts. I've done my best and hope you've reached your desired goals this year. Summer begins tomorrow and we'll return the Thursday after LABOR DAY. A few words for thought when the...
At left is where it all started for a measly $28,000 in the early 70's. We call it a "twin" and with a lot of sweat equity it became an $88,750 sale just three years later. Some twelve or so singles, condominiums, townhomes and sky home later these residences have been a roof over my head and put...
Now that I have your attention this PLAN will work but it may not be the most healthy option for a lot of people. Is it simple? Yes. Is it boring? Yes. Is it easy to prepare? Yes. Anyone who has been reading my "Think Thin" posts has gotten a basic knowledge of nutrition, exercise, calories, diet...
Fitness is a booming industry! Billions of dollars spent each year in America alone and what's even more surprising is that adults 18 to 65 spend on average about $155 per month on their fitness. It appears that no one in this Country is taking the adage of aging gracefully to heart. Gym Rats can...
The mechanics of rowing encompass nearly every muscle in your body and the intensity is entirely user controlled.  Boat design plays a huge factor in the amount of speed one can generate on water, however, it's a fantastic exercise for beginner to expert and individually or with a team. The low i...
Understanding the Pace Clock in Swimming You’ve probably heard conversations about pace clocks and intervals around the swimming pool. You might have even felt a little dumbfounded when swimmers have talked about them. You should learn to read a pace clock if you’re getting more serious about lap...
Certain activities are so much fun that you don't even realize how much of a workout they really are. I used to ski competitively at the University of Miami. Yes, people Coral Gables is alive and coming back! When I was young all of my friends had boats and Dads that were willing to pay for gas t...
When I talk about "small changes" having huge benefits it isn't limited to our physical bodies. They will improve or as a minimum bring the potential to impove every aspect of our lives and quite possibly the lives of those around us. Dance & music were the original means of comminication for hum...

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