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I have been paying someone to cut my grass for the last 7 years. I lost the the fight with my wife today and started mowing it myself. I didn't have customers So I gave it a try, It looks better than it ever has and it was not that bad of a job. I guess the point I am trying to make is " I can't ...
Life really goes by fast. I have went through a whole bunch of people who I have considered friends at one time or another. But tonight I noticed something a little different, My wife planned a Birthday Party for my 7 year old son. Several couples came and brought there kids to a place in Hiawass...
Today I was brianstorming trying to think of ways to improve my sources of lead generation and the thought hit me!,I made a phone call and the next thing I know I am getting hammered with a hard sell on why I should spend 10K a year on a couple of "sky-scraper" ads and maybe a banner ...
1.Visit Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Southern Living Magazine's favorite roadside apple market and a lot more than that. Great place to people watch and if you decide to spend some money you might want to consider a fried apple pie or some of the best apple cider you'll ever taste. 2....
North Georgia Mountain Fair is a great reason to visit the Blue Ridge, Georgia Area. The fair is actually in the small mountain township of Hiawassee, Georgia. It is about an hour and a half north of Atlanta. The Fair start July 16 and continues Thur July 27. While at the fair has many thing to o...
In Blue Ridge,GA, there is something really fun to do ! You can hop on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway for a sightseeing trip through one of the most beautiful places in the south. But it is more than that . It is a mini-history lesson and a trip back in time. Mostly, though,it's just a whole lot o...
In the slowest real estate market in my lifetime there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have found out that many of my friends in the business have decided that they are through ,ready to give up and place there licences on inactive. When all this change started to take place I have encoura...
My wife is really taken for granted in many ways. 1. My 2 children and I forget about what makes her happy most of the time. 2. We forget that she chases kids, gets the groceries, pays the bills, helps me in my real estate and            home building business in Blue Ridge ,Georgia. 3. Gives her...
Last night, as most Friday nights, was spent over at our friends home in downtown Blue Ridge, Georgia on their front porch. I noticed all the folks that lived on main street were either mowing, raking  or just getting their houses looking top-notch. I asked my friend what was going on and he told...
I learned at an early age that I had to take a bath daily and keep my room clean. I feel that keeping a well organized and clutter free office is mandatory. I also think you have to dress neatly and professionally ,and appropriately. A clean car is also a must, I do not think the year model or ma...

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