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I live in a small town in North Georgia. Blue Ridge,GA, it is one of the few places left in the Unites States of America that still has a drive -in movie theater. Tonight we took 5 kids and 5 adluts to see "Iron- man". The movie was not as good as the funnel cakes were, but it was better than sta...
Where or what do you do when your client goes off the radar? I just had one that has totally disappeared after he had a binding agreement. He was really pumped up about being an all cash customer and his over the top beacon score. We thought we had the greatest deal he had ever inked and he was o...
In my hometown,Blue Ridge Georgia, The Relay for Life Is taken very seriousley as it should be. The Real Estate Community plays a large part in it. Ther are many people who do a large part of the work behind the scenes nad do not expect any awards or special recognition for the work they do.If yo...
I have alot of fun at my job at RE/MAX Around the Mountain in Blue Ridge, Georgia. I had to make an easy choice for my work tomorrow. It was to go to the Atlanta Zoo or go to work at the office, I choose to go with my son who is 6 years old to The Atlanta Zoo.Sometimes we get really involved with...
1. Be nice to my wife , she is always there for me. 2. Treat everyone with respect, not just the people who I have something gain from. 3. Have fun. 4. Don't be too judgemental, I might be in the same situation tomorrow. 5. Don't be afraid to get dirty or wet, it is fun. 6. keep it simple. 7. Let...
I work in a special place , RE/MAX Around the Mountains in Blue Ridge, Georgia. We are located in the North Georgia Mountains about an hour North of Atlanta. I am a truly lucky man because our Broker ,Forrest Hamm, has Atlanta Braves season tickets. The coolest part is that he gives them away to ...
Today at RE/MAX Around the Mountains in Blue Ridge, Georgia, Our marketing team had a meeting concerning market share and if we should share the numbers with general public. We clearly hold the #1 spot in our county and we can back it up with numbers from our local board of realtors.We went as fa...
While it may seem a little slow in North Georgia,Sales on homes are actually on the up-swing. I noticed in our office that most of thr customers wanting to buy in Blue Ridge, Gerogia are looking for larger homes than in years past. Prow front homes seem to be the most popular sepecially with full...
There are many different options one cans participate in on Sunday. The first that comes to mind is church and in Blue Ridge, Georgia there are no shortage of services that one can attend on any given Sunday. Today ; I did it a little different than the sane old same old. I watched "Transformers"...
In my market, I realy don't know what a good closing ratio is. I do know that if I can actually get a customer to make the drive to The North Georgia Mountains there is a good chance they will fall in love with our area. Gas prices and customers being scared of not being able to sell there home i...

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