Many people recognize that they need home insurance. Others would rather do with out it.  Almost all of us want to spend as little as possible.  I find this incredibly ironic.  For most people they will tell you that real estate that they own is their biggest investment.  That holds true for home...
Many people who invest in real estate including homeowners who see their home as their biggest asset, neglect to protect their home.  I know you say, "I have homeowners insurance."  But is your home protected?  There are things besides fire, water and wind that could destroy your "home" or proper...
In todays markets all I hear is belly aching.  As the year approaches its close many are beginning their planning for next year.   What are we planning?  Are we planning how many sales we are going to have?  What about how much money we are going to make?  Ever get frustrated because these "plans...
Many professionals today are struggling in what was once a robust and lucrative career.   Many of us take for granted what we do for a living.  When times are good we have a passion for what we do.  Now however as things slow down, I ask you are you still passionate about what you do?     Often t...

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Brian focuses on people. Every transaction must be based on people. We need to focus on what we do to help people. If we focus on people, we will achieve the transactions.