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Credit makeover is something a lot of people are doing now!  Great credit requires more than paying bills on time.  It only counts for 1/3 of the points, therefore 2/3 of the score comes from four other areas.  The second area is debt, ie. credit cards, auto loans, etc.  The third area is the old...
When selling your home staging it is very important.  If a home is not de-cluttered from the day it is listed you could lose any buyers that may have already looked at your home.  Staging will get your home sold quicker and at the best possible price.  Therefore, when you are getting your home re...
What created today's market?  Many homeowners and real estate professionals are asking themselves this.  The slowdown is largely due to the demand started by the global investment market and by individual investor/speculators.   In other words in the year of 2000 the world's pool of dollars explo...
Once your purchaser has chosen a house and they would like to make an offer you want to make sure you have certain papers ready for when they come to the office to make an offer.  For example the pre-approval letter from the lender, a Seller's Disclosure, Lead Based Paint Discloser if needed, etc...
Once the buyer finds out the price range they can afford without going over budget they can start looking for a home.  This is the fun part!  When I am working with a buyer I always sit down with them and have the persons buying the home list what they would like to have and/or fill out a form wi...
Not only can home buying be one of the most exciting times of your life, but it can also be one of the most difficult times!  To make it easier make sure you get your finances in line first and foremost.  A buyer does not want to move into their dream home and be in financial ruins.  The next ste...
Hello!  This is Patricia Fisher from Spartanburg, SC. This is my first time in Active Rain.  Just finished my blogging class and I am looking forward to interacting with other Real Estate Professionals.  This is a new door that has opened for my real estate career.  Well I must go for now - I nee...

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