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The U.S. Treasury Department in revisions to its short-sale guidelines has made changes to the way short sale negotiators or other vendors hired by the mortgage servicer are to be paid. Instead of being paid from the real estate commission, they will be paid from the sales proceeds or by the serv...
THE FIRST SINGLE-FAMILY MORTGAGE PROGRAM since 2007 is now available to homebuyers in Miami-Dade County   (MIAMI, January 28, 2010) – The Housing Finance Authority (HFA) of Miami-Dade County is among the first agencies in the nation to issue Mortgage Revenue Bonds under temporary special authorit...
A+ processes and negotiates numerous short sales for different Real Estate professionals. Over the past few months we've noticed an increasing number of Realtors adding a processing or administrative fee on the HUD or settlement statement. After much research, the last was from an instructor who ...
We process and negotiate short sales, predominantly for realtors, investors, title companies, investment funds etc.  sometimes people just call for help I had homeowner call me has 2 unlisted properties in MD. Looking for short sale, we will process the short sale componant.  I am putting out a r...
I have been asked recently will a lender accept an offer of $100K on a short sale property listed for $179K.  The answer is two fold.  When negotiating the BPO comes into play - a synopsis of the current area listings, how many listings there are in the immediate area, properties sold and see how...
A+ has been approached by many investors to do short payoff or short refi's.  The lenders are not looking at these options unless all other avenues have been exhausted such as loan modification.  We have also nailed down our 30 - 45 days to close process with all our requirements in place.
Course Outline Client Intake & Requirements Working with Lenders Real estate agent Documentation Process Fee Guidelines Tips, Hints, Do's and Do Not's   Online workshop -  log in from  your home, Office or favorite coffee shop. August 05, 2008 Option 1: 09:30 am Option 2: 12:00 pm Option 3: 08:00...

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