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I am interested in taking the GRI classes and earning the designation. I understand the training and the 90 hours it will take, I will be starting my first series of classes this year. What i am trying to find out is besides the classroom hours what qualifications do you have to meet to have a GR...
I recently completed the At Home with Diversity course from NAR. I took the online version through Realtor University. I want to be prepared to work with any and all clients so I don't limit who I can work with. I had no idea how much information I would be covering. The course covered traditions...
Last night I completed my first REALTOR University Online Class. I have been contemplating taking some of their classes but have always been a little skeptical. I learn by being hands on, that likes the environment of being in a classroom. My time has become scarce and will be until I don't have ...
Every real estate agent knows that filling out a mls statement is pretty straight forward. There are lots of things to fill out, some are mandatory and some not mandatory. I have heard agents complain about there only being one photo or no info where it asks for square footage. Personally i can h...
  In my short career in real estate sales, I have met many agents (in my office, in training, networking events, etc...) that know the Importance of Networking, but many don't take advantage of online networking. To the older generations, online networking seems complicated and juvenile, but it c...
 I currently have a listing that has been on the market about two months. It is priced pretty well for a house that isn't a foreclosure or short sale. I haven't done a price reduction or incentive package because there isn't much wiggle room in the price. I did a little write up placed the info o...
  I have been through many real estate deals as the buyer or seller. As the client I have received some great gifts from some of the excellent Realtors that I have worked with. I know giving a gift to your clients at closing is completely optional, but I think it's a great idea. When I was the cl...
Free Advertising?   I am a new agent, starting my business in a very tough market. I have a very limited advertising budget, and because I am new I don't have a consistent referral business. I attend networking events, have several social networking sites, I hand out cards everywhere I go, sign u...
  This weekend was the Home Show at the Martinsburg Mall in Martinsburg, West Virginia. This was also the first home show that I was working instead of just walking around increasing my pen collection. While working this weekend, I realized that there is a lot of opportunity, but in my case more ...
About ten months ago, I leased out an investment property, which I own with my father. The tenant was highly recommended from a very reliable source. When they moved in they paid first months rent and security deposit. The next month they paid about a week late. The following month they paid abou...

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