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In my post from a couple days ago I discussed the frustration of buyers who want a spacious North Berkeley home, ideally with a high Walkscore. I regret that I didn't patent what I use to call the "Latté Factor." It was my way of telling clients unfamiliar with our area where they would find a se...
For the past week in Berkeley, CA we've had gorgeous spring weather. Starting with the narcissus, we've had a progression of beautiful things in bloom: camellias, magnolias, daffodils, freesias and now tulips, cyclamen and a deep blue California native ceanothus. It's thrilling to hear the buzz o...
It's been quite a few years since I was given a seat assignment for a class, and a #2 pencil for the exam. But so it was as 75 of my East Bay colleagues and I filled the Berkeley Assoc. of REALTORS® conference room to be lead through the details of the new RPA which will debut on April 20th. This...
As buyers hear of the likelihood of loan rates increasing, even slightly, some will be tempted to explore any and all options, including on-line advertisers. When a good friend and client asked me whether she should pursue a quote she got from an on-line source, in addition to a well-known, well-...
For those of us active in the real estate market in Berkeley, CA, and the adjoining communities, 2009 was frustrating. I kept telling myself it was primarily because of low inventory. With not enough properties to show our clients we had buyers who were disappointed not to be able to find the hom...
Berkeley, and the surrounding communities of Albany, Kensington as well as strong neighborhoods of Oakland such as Rockridge are experiencing the problem of low inventory, and did through most of 2009. I hear that the same condition applies to several neighborhoods in San Francisco. We're not jus...
Today I am thinking only of the positive aspects of my career as a Real Estate professional, and feeling very grateful for the many people I have met as a result. Some of the best parties I have been to this season have been in the homes of former clients. My husband and I are about to go to the ...
In addition to the tips posted yesterday, consider the following suggestions to make your celebration of the holidays a Greener affair: To encourage family members and friends to take public transit, buy them a BART pass or other transit pass for their area. It’s much Greener than a standard gift...
Wondering how best to incorporate Green ideals into your holiday preparations? That was the challenge discussed at the recent meeting of the Berkeley Association of REALTORS® Green Council, concluding its first year as a group. I am proud to have founded this group of dedicated agents, and to ser...
We continue to read in the national news about the "glut of inventory" that exists in many parts of the country. In my area, in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area, specifically in in Berkeley, CA, we have struggled with too little inventory all year. Last month we had 41 single fam...

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