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The face of Short Sales is now in a constant state of change. Now more than ever before it is critical if you are thinking of selling your Indianapolis Short Sale or short sale in another area to find an agent that has experience.  The rules and guidelines are changing almost daily at this point...
Here is some more good information from Rebekah Radice, this time for getting traffic to our websites.  It is great to have a website, but if it isn't producing, what is the point of having it other than to showcase listings?  You want your website to be multifunctional, with leads being generate...
This is some great information for those new to blogging and those of us who are getting back in to blogging.  The internet is the way of now and the future and to be successful we must embrace it fully.  This information is just what is need to get on track, or to get back on track. Writing a co...
Are you worried about how you are going to make your next mortgage payment?  Have you been hit with a financial hardship such as divorce, loss of job, death in family, illness or other hardships? Give our Short Sale team a call today to talk about listing your house as a short sale.  Heather Fit...
Has anyone seen this info on any of your new short sales?  If so, are you able to white out your client's private info and send me examples to: indplsrealestate@gmail.com, or post them here?   As many real estate professionals are aware, short sales and distressed property transactions have had a...
This is great information from Mimi.  Kind of frightening and had no idea, so very grateful for this information. I read a VARIETY of information on the web, so anyone who could see my topics would have a good time with my wide range of interests... Again Thank You to Mimi for sharing this with u...
      -Find a purpose so big in life it will challenge every capacity to be at your best.   -David O. McKay
Well said Midori and something that many of us have gone back and forth on.  ******Save a back up of your content!   Check out my WordPress Blog too that Midori and Co. created for me: www.IndianapolisINShortsales.com   Love it!!! You guys should contact Midori for a great WordPress blog and much...
  There are 623 Indianapolis Short Sales currently.  They range in price from $849,900 to $7,400.  415 of these Indianapolis Short Sales are under $100,000. 10 of these would be considered Luxury Indianapolis Short Sale Homes.  There are 89 Pending Indianapolis Short Sales, ranging in price from...
  Si estas atrasado en tu propiedad en el área de Indianapolis, puedes considerar realizar una venta corta. En inglés le dicen los bancos short sale en el área de Indianapolis.  Una venta corta es cuando un banco o prestamista esta de acuerdo en recibir menos de la cantidad del balance de la deu...

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