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Before coming into the office this morning, I volunteered at my daughter's middle school for its "A.P.T. to Succeed" program.  The A.P.T. stands for achievement, personal management and teamwork.  My job as a volunteer was to interview 8th-grade students as if they were applying for a job, using ...
Yesterday I attended the Turnaround Management Association's (TMA) Annual Spring Conference in Detroit, Michigan.  The event was held at the stately Detroit Athletic Club across from Comerica Park, where the Tigers play. The keynote speaker was Matthew Cullen, president of Rock Ventures.  Rock Ve...
It's been quite a "marketing week" for me.  Aside from my normal round of meetings, lunches and networking functions, on Wednesday I had the privilege of speaking on behalf of Stewart Title at the 7th Annual Nonprofit Management Conference, held at Walsh College in Troy, Michigan.  I gave a prese...
When I was in Kindergarten my Aunt Phyllis gave me a rubber lobster.  As a 6-year old boy, I liked "creepy-crawlies," as I called them.  So, I took it to school for show-and-tell.  Another boy brought in a toy werewolf.  I thought it was great- it was the same size as my Mego superhero figures an...
Today, April 4th, 2012, is a good day to think about freedom.  Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated 44 years ago this day.  One of my favorite quotes of his was, "I say to you that our goal is freedom, and I believe we are going to get there because however much she strays from it, the goal o...
A month or so ago I saw an ad on tv for a new toothpaste.  The dentist in the commercial conveyed that basically unless you used the new formula, your enamel would evaporate and your teeth would fall out of your mouth.  I admit I am a sucker for trying new things, even if they're a touch gimmicky...
Ah, motivation... My youngest daughter is a picky eater.  Actually, saying she's picky is a severe understatement.  If left to her own devices, her diet would consist solely of chicken nuggets, pizza and candy.  Dinners are often an ordeal in our family.  Everyone will have finished while my sad-...
Being something of a kid at heart, last night I finished off a book called Becoming Batman by E. Paul Zehr.  Dr. Zehr is a professor of neuroscience and kinesiology (human movement) and a biomedical research scientist.  He also holds advanced black belt degrees in unarmed and armed combat.  So, h...
Last night I was reviewing my 6th-grade daughter's homework with her and I discovered she had not completed a vocabulary assignment.  When questioned, her immediate response was, "I didn't understand the instructions so I didn't do it.  I'll ask the teacher about it tomorrow."  My daughter is (in...
Did my headline get your attention?  What do you think of when you hear the word "nurture?"  I think of a mother and a baby, or maybe a hug.  That fits with the primary definition of "nurture", which is "to protect."  But in the context of marketing it has a much broader meaning, and therefore it...

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