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Recently, I attended a seminar featuring Michael Wickett, a national sales guru and public speaker.  The speech was to begin at 1:30, with a networking hour beforehand, starting at 12:30.  The event took place at a movie theater complex; one of the theaters was reserved for the speech, and the ne...
Because I am responsible for commercial business development for Stewart Title in Michigan, I spend a fair amount of time "networking."  In order to become better at networking, I have started to attend seminars, consult experts and read books to learn more about the art of it. What I have found ...
Do you think about love when you think of title insurance?  Probably not, I'm guessing. But I love the irony of providing an insurance product which doesn't insure a contingency- I insure events that have already taken place!  And I find endless rewards interacting with brokers, realtors and mort...
I turned 40 today, and in a birthday card from my oldest daughter, she wrote: "Have the best day of your life!" That made me smile, and then I thought about it... What would make today the best day of my life?  First, I thought about my job at Stewart Title, and signing up 20 new commercial clien...
Recently, I heard a speaker talk about the difference between two types of attorneys in real estate transactions.  He called the two types "deal makers" and "deal killers." He really didn't go into too much detail, but it's easy to fill in the lines.  One type tries to figure out how (within the ...
I was in Detroit yesterday for an event put on by the ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) called "Retail 2.0: Rebooting the Living City."  It was a great program, well-attended by members of the real estate industry (including Stewart Title), attorneys, local government officials and...
I give a lot of speeches about title insurance.  Sometimes I speak about specific topics such as short sales, and sometimes my presentations are geared toward a specific audience such as lenders or commercial brokers. After I speak, I love to allow time for Q&A.  I'm always interested in helping ...
Last week at the Michigan Association of Realtors (MAR) conference, the closing speaker was Dr. Ted Jones, Stewart Title's chief economist.  Dr. Jones had a very interesting proposition which was well-received; he suggested that a workable stimulus for the U.S. economy would be to (through govern...
I am in Grand Rapids, Michigan this week for the MAR (Michigan Association of Realtors) conference, and this morning I attended a breakfast sponsored by RPAC (the Realtor Political Action Committee).  As an attorney I was excited to be there because the speaker was Robert Young, Michigan's curren...
If you're a football fan, like me, when you think of encroachment you picture a referee with both hands on his hips.  When the referee does that, he's indicating a defensive player has crossed the line of scrimmage before the offense has snapped the ball.  In other words, the defense is offsides....

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