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This was sent to me by a family member in California.  It's meant, obviously, as a joke.  It may be pretty accurate around here, but it's still funny...This came to me with the caption, "Halloween's gonna suck this year!"  
Over the last 8 months, I've actually done more inspections than I did in all of 2007.  Unfortunately, that's still not a lot!  But it's a great feeling to be booked up at times! This year, I've done a tremendous amount of bank-owned properties and others that have been vacant for months and year...
I've talked to, and heard some inspectors that will not walk the roof during their normal inspections.  Now, I'm not too crazy about the idea of walking on a roof where I don't know it's strength, possible defects, and condition.  I would never walk a roof during or after a rain or other adverse ...
The other day, I got a call from a client, asking for an inspection.  We set up the appointment and I did my usual research - looked it up on the County Appraiser's website, noted the facts and figures... and on a whim, I looked up the property on our county's Building Department Permit lookup.  ...
Probably since I first started my business, I've tried to think of new ways to promote and call attention to my business and the services I provide.  One way is to have promotional products to give away to clients and others from time to time. I just can't bring myself to spend a bunch of money o...
I was sitting here thinking about our nation's history and the independence that has been fought for and earned over the last 230+ years.  In church last Sunday, our pastor made a great point about this, as he spoke about the upcoming celebration for the 4th of July. Many times, we are eager to p...
I inspected a home the other day that was not in the greatest shape.  It was bank-owned, had been sitting empty for at least a year.  Someone had broken in and vandalized the interior, dragged in a mattress and made it their home for a short time. There were termites, missing roofing, inadequate ...
Yep, the Hurricane Season is coming quickly.  June 1 is the start of the Atlantic season, and the week of May 26-30 is the official Hurricane Preparedness Week.  That's the time to stock up on canned food, bottled water, and lots of batteries.  You should think about plans for installing protecti...
I just finished reading a blog posting about home inspection referrals, and noticed something.While the majority of the comments made were from other inspectors, there were quite a few from other Real Estate professionals.  One comment from a REALTOR stated their office always gave a list of thre...
I just read a great post from Kim Carpenter, Will I cut my Commission? No!.... Next Question.I thought it was a great post, in that it explains the cost of a real estate transaction.  And it got me started thinking... (I know - that's dangerous!)How many times have I been asked to give the "best ...

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