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Weekly posts. I'll be sharing tidbits that I've learned in the past 15 years related to our industry. Feel free to send questions. If I don't have an answer, I'll have a resource for us.
Many people don't understand what a REALTOR does every day.  Many REALTORS don't understand it.  First, no two days are the same.  Parts of the day are spent marketing for new business.  Parts of the day are spent working with new clients.  Another piece of the day usually goes to following up wi...
Your business is growing.  Income seems steady.  You're at that point where you may need an assistant to get to the next level.  Plus, you're family misses you and the dog barks at you.  But, what if.......? It's a tough decision.  Feels like you've just began to support yourself and now you must...
I've heard REALTORS say it for years.  We all know it's true.  If business is slow, plan a trip.  Things are sure to pick up while you're trying to take time off. It makes sense that what is really happening is that since you're busy trying to do something else, you notice each little thing more....
Hi Everyone!  I'm rushing around trying to get my business taken care of before I leave for D.C.  It's time for the NAR Hill Visits and I'll be there for a week.  So much to learn....so little time.  Anyway, I thought this week I would share a 'funny' with you from a couple of years ago.  I hope ...
It may be that a blog is not the place to vent....but here I go.It seems that lately every offer I present or receive has a combative agent on the other side.  I feel like Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along?"  Have these agents ever considered that often what is in the best interest of the...
We certainly have a lot of conventions, meetings, classes and seminars.  With state, national and franchise conventions alone, a REALTOR could spend a great deal of money on travel, hotel and registration fees.  This also takes quite a bit of time when we could be out listing and selling.  Why ar...
Everybody who's been in the business any length of time has worked ‘FSBO's' at some point.  Most of us hate it.  Mainly because we don't understand them.  I mean really, are they just stupid?  I always wondered why they would risk that much to save a few bucks right now.  Don't they know how much...

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