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A blog about the current happenings on the ActiveRain Real Estate Network.  What's new, where we're going, updates and more...



Your IDX web site is the center of your marketing universe.  A good IDX web site is a lead generation machine.  A bad IDX web site can be an embarrassment. When we asked the ActiveRain community, "What service is most valuable to your success?" the IDX web site was the overwhelming number one res...
You Might Miss Out with New Gmail Tabs As you might have heard or seen by now, Gmail has rolled out new tabs for your email. There are now Primary, Social and Promotions tabs. The idea is to help you keep your emails organized. There have been a number of 'Rainers that are no longer seeing their ...
There are some things in life that just seem to be a natural match. Often, when you finally bring those things together, people are left wondering, "why didn't someone think of this sooner?" That's kind of how I feel as I sit here writing about the new partnership ActiveRain and Inman are excite...

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