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A blog about the current happenings on the ActiveRain Real Estate Network.  What's new, where we're going, updates and more...
ActiveRain Partners Program ActiveRain Partners Program   In conjunction with the release of the new design of the 'my home' page, ActiveRain would like to introduce you to the ActiveRain Partners Program. We believe ActiveRain is a great way for non real estate agents to make connections with re...
This will not be the last time you see changes here at ActiveRain. In fact, because we are fresh off a major overhaul to the underlying technology upon which ActiveRain is built, you should expect to see changes and updates more frequently. That's very exciting for us. But we don't want it to com...
ActiveRain Blog Posts: The Top 10  of 2011 - Pro to Pro Edition Welcome to the Pro to Pro Edition of the Top 10 Pageviews of 2011.  Thank you all for joining us tonight at this black tie affair.  You all looked wonderful rolling down the red carpet tonight.  Is that Prada?  Vintage?  Oh we'll jus...
In order to improve the responsiveness of ActiveRain, we are doing a software update at 11am PST.  We generally wait until the night to make any software changes, but we want to improve the responsiveness of ActiveRain as quickly as possible for our members.  The process should take 10 minutes or...
Wow, 2012 already? Can you believe it? For January's challenge, we are honored to have the folks from Adobe EchoSign joining us. EchoSign was recently purchased by Adobe. Adobe is a company that a ton of us have been putting a lot of trust in for the last decade (some of us even longer than that)...
Real Estate Marketing Plans   Do you have your real estate marketing plans for 2012 ready?     With SO MANY alternatives for real estate marketing plans, are you confused on what to do in 2012? So as you develop your 2012 real estate marketing plans, here is some great food for thought: ActiveRai...
Since Monday we have been introducing the Makeover for 2012 prize package that one attendee of RainCamp Online, on December 14th, is going to win for their business. We have some more great tools to add to the package. I have no question that whoever wins this is going to get started in 2012 with...
Making a comfortable living in the real estate industry is tough. Each year good people have to make the decision to 'get a real job'. (not that this isn't a real job.......please don't get me wrong, I know) We see posts on ActiveRain every so often where someone is asking for advice about whethe...
We are excited for our second RainCamp Online coming up December 14th. You can see the RainCamp announcement post here where we divulge the presenters who will get you ready to dive into 2012. Since the theme of RainCamp Online will be 'Make 2012 Your Best Year Yet', we wanted to really make this...

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