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I manage the monthly Oakland Real Estate Investment Meetings on the second Tuesday of every month at my office. We discuss current market issues and exchange real estate experiences. You can join at
As I am sure you are talking about these days, the coming interest rates will make a difference in my opinion. And in order to show that, I have analyzed a triplex with exactly the same parameters except for the mortgage rte at 3.75% and one at 4%.So here are the results of that 0.25% rate increa...
I have struggled with this question for years. And I think many of you have too. But today I made a decision to write it.I am going to make it public when appraisers are unprofessional and incompetent, and are not willing to listen to any appeal, simply because they don't have to as they think th...
I see many (yes many) agents list properties under the wrong "category", and very often listing it twice under different categories. I suspect they do this to get more "exposure". I think it contains a risk showing the whole community you don't know what you're doing, as you may not have checked ...
I believe that was the title of a movie in the late 90's with Jim Carrey. But I am not a movie buff so I stick to real estate.These are harsh words to use, and maybe I should write: They are not telling the truth and / or coming clean with complete information. Who are we talking about? Banks in ...
Today I would like to make you aware of a little unknown (perhaps) dirty bank secret, that is actually used more often than you think.This is a true story. I have not used any specific names except for the bank name.A buyer  has been pre approved with Chase bank to buy a condo in litigation. The ...
And this is for real estate agents as well as buyers. I have now been working with my buyer and his loan agent from Chase bank for over 3 months to buy a condo, townhouse style. This is an excellent buyer. Great credit score, great income, easily pre approved for much more than offer price.I made...
And of course, you will say: why is that important to me, the reader? Consumer or agent? Who cares Antoine, nobody really. Well here is why it may be important for you to read. I have always tried to be the most knowledgeable agent / broker I could be. I took many courses, residential and commerc...
I do not understand sellers who are selling residential income property ( like 2,3 or 4 units), or are selling commercial investment property ( like 5 units and up, etc), and seemingly ae willing to work with agents who are not at all familiar, let alone knowledgeable, with investment property.He...
Every week, I find out that (some) consumers are simply arrogant, and really think they know better than the professional agent, what real estate is about, and why the market is what it is, and why one should buy today or not, and what type of investment real estate is actually still a good deal,...
Hello all: Please email this information to anyone you think might have received a (yellow?) letter to purchase their property, or is thinking about selling their property. They will be grateful. Over the past couple of months, I have seen the following happen several times. I am not going to nam...

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