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2018 is nearly halfway over, and this year has brought home design updates worthy of multiple Instagram posts. Buyers and renters alike are paying closer attention to detail than ever, and these designs pack a punch!  Here are the top 5 home decor trends of 2018, and my predictions for how we’ll ...
 Having troubles finding a home with all of the features and charm you’re looking for WITHIN YOUR BUDGET?You’re not alone. As a realtor, I pride myself on finding the perfect fit for every client. Sometimes I work with clients who have a very specific picture in their mind of what they want in th...
Des Moines is full of wonderful art, museums, parks, and playgrounds. When you think of this vivacious city, you probably think: opportunity, creativity, and community. As the cherry on top of this already innovative metropolitan, we have the best restaurants in Des Moines for every occasion. Rea...
In Iowa, it often seems like Spring will never come. The first day of the season technically started March 21st, but we’re in April and still expecting snowfall. Even with flurries on the weather report, I have my fingers crossed that Spring is right around the corner. With an increase in tempera...
So you’ve found your dream what?Whether you’ve been passively window shopping or hot and heavy on the house hunt, finding the perfect home isn’t as simple as SOLD. The introduction of house hunting apps and television shows has opened up new doors for real estate. Friends and family of...

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