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I've been reading on several AR blogs that some agents have been affected by the Nigerian rental scam that is going around.  This morning, my local newspaper in Nashville, The Tennessean, ran a big story about it in the Williamson Real Estate section on the front page.  It involves a few agents I...
Thursday night (the 26th) I hosted a staging seminar here in Franklin, TN - and what a great night it was!  I hope all of our attendees had as good a time as we did - and learned a lot as well.  We held our seminar at Church Street Flooring & Design in charming downtown Franklin.  I had invited f...
I'm co-hosting a free home staging seminar in Franklin on Thursday night (March 26th, 2009) and you are invited!  This seminar is called "The Nuts & Bolts of Staging" and will cover paint, lighting, flooring, and more.  Anthea Click of Fresh Perspectives, and Karen Jones of Jones Creative Home St...
I had a client recently who is putting their house on the market - during the consult, we discussed upgrading the appliances.  She asked why - the ones she has worked perfectly fine.  This is where I went into my discussion of the perception of prospective buyers.  In the $600,000 price range, pe...
Not sure if this was posted yet but Peter Walsh was on Oprah recently decluttering and organizing.  I don't usually watch Oprah but this was a pretty good show AND you can download a 25% off coupon for Container Store that you can use in the store, online or on the phone.  That's pretty awesome! ...
I've been using chocolate brown now for a while instead of black for front doors, bathroom cabinetry headboards when staging to sell.  And I just love it.  I have a current client who is building a headboard for their master bedroom (bed, white duvet, limp curtains, white walls . . . you get the ...
Posted by Seth Godin on March 17, 2009 - very pertinent to agents of all sorts but especially real estate agents in our market today, as well as other service people like stagers and inspectors.  I copied and pasted it in it's entirety - hope it doesn't break any A/R rules but this is his work - ...
So it turns out that twitter is really fun - quick, easy and to the point.  Love it. Linked In - nice way to keep a business face out there and requires minimal maintenance. Facebook - too chaotic and no way to really separate business and personal.  Think I'm going to pull it. Blogger - working ...
I recently got a twitter account and I'm not sure what to make of it.  I decided to follow a few people and see what happens.  Being kind of a talker, it's hard to keep my thoughts to a minimum.  Then, I have to wonder - does anyone really care if my cat is trying to derail my work by attacking m...
You know what's weird, is that I started to write a post, then decided I didn't want to write that post and switched to this one.  The thing is, the original post had some content, that, if seen by 1 or 2 people could potentially be hurtful to them, or to me in a business sense.  I had a situatio...

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