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The AgencyLogic blog details news, opinion and information about anything to do with real estate, marketing and technology. Daily content from AgencyLogic CEO Stephen Fells may not always be politically correct but it is always useful, interesting and educational. Joined by guest contributors and thought leaders in real estate the blog content extends to social media, real estate and technology trends and ever popular 'just for fun' posts.



Announced at yesterdays Facebook conference, f8, 'Timeline' is a collection of a persons top photos, posts and apps that help tell their story. The beta is now live; is it time to short Immediately off the back of changes related to the 'home' page and newsfeed mechanism this is th...
You've uploaded great photos, crafted descriptive text and added documents to make your single property Website enticing. Your PowerSite looks great, but is it accurate? Whether it's a typo or an error in one of the publicly available databases we use to automatically fill out information about y...
I'd love to see a single property Website with this type of description :) There are so many statements in this rental ad it's hard to pick a favorite. There's: "Ludicrously overpriced, with carpet stained like an infant's undies and a truly appealing paint job.... no, I meant a peeling paint job...
We've highlighted a funny ad from The Real Estate Book (See: 'The Real Estate Book Gets Into Comical Ads') before and here is another. Enjoy :)
One of the best features of AgencyLogic single property Websites is that every design includes a share button: This allows anyone who is visiting the Website to share it via more than 300 places including Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and email. And that sharing functionality just got better with t...
If you log into Facebook today you will notice some differences. In this following brief video a Facebook staff member explains what those changes are:
Source: If you enjoyed this here are some more 'Just For Fun' Posts
With all the news about cantaloupes I thought this video, from an Australian real estate company, was well timed and had a fresh approach to picking a Realtor... ;) (if this doesn't fill you here is some more fruit based fun for the day: "My Blackberry Is Not Working!")
So we have David Lee Roth, Chuck Norris, Jimmy Stewart and now Robert Redford? Well not exactly... If you enjoyed this post you'll certainly enjoy these other "Just for Fun" posts!
Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of The New York Times best sellers 'The Sales Bible', 'The Little Red Book of Selling', 'The Little Black Book of Connections', and 'The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude'. In the following brief video he talks about the future of business cards which should lead all...

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