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The AgencyLogic blog details news, opinion and information about anything to do with real estate, marketing and technology. Daily content from AgencyLogic CEO Stephen Fells may not always be politically correct but it is always useful, interesting and educational. Joined by guest contributors and thought leaders in real estate the blog content extends to social media, real estate and technology trends and ever popular 'just for fun' posts.



Our Follr social business card product is changing traditional business cards (see: "Social Business Cards in Action"). My own simply lists my name and Follr link: It's not what's on my business card, it's about what's not on it. No title, telephone number or email address. Follr ...
Phishing (pronounced 'fishing') continues to be a problem and you need to protect yourself from it. Wikipedia describes phishing as: "the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustwor...
Personally I don't think this is so much inappropriate, more creative ;)
Alain Pinel Realtor Michael Cohen regularly adds video to his single property Websites as seen in this listing: The Website provides details about a San Rafael, CA 4 bedroom/3 bathroom single level ranch home. Michael creates the homes aerial video with, a co...
12/08/2011 has put together a fascinating and detailed look at user date for both Facebook and twitter. Personally I think they are very different services, so different in fact that any comparison is of no real value. Independently however, the following couple of charts provide a great...
Halloween may have passed but that shouldn't stop you from considering some scary home decoration options. I just hope I never see any of them when I next visit friends... Lighting for the damned... Blood candles: The screaming child wall tile: A Hitler rug: The anatomical chair: A saw-cutter mir...
We now support profiles for! personal profile Websites solve the problem of the inability to easily and accurately communicate ever changing social identities, content and contact information. Users can add links to all social profiles onto profile Website in order for contact...
Oh, this is part 1 of many parts...:) 'Tis the season to be jolly, unless you live next to this family:

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