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AgentHarvest is a free real estate agent finder service and this blog is an extension of The AgentHarvest Blog, This blog is an information source dedicated to helping you find the best Realtors in your area.
Homeowners should hold their agents to a minimum level of service and inform them of those services before they're hired. Here are some of the important levels you should expect. Minimum Level of Agent Services Weekly reports showing sales activity and pricing in your area. Weekly reports showing...
Original Source: >> You know beyond a doubt that you are a successful real estate agent.  You have been asked by AgentHarvest to give a listing presentation to a homeowner in a neighborhood that you’ve...
AgentHarvest's Top 20 List for November was released on December 1 and it lists the top ranked agents in DFW based on the highest number of residential sales for the month.    To see if you're on the list, go to   Congratulations to all agents that mad...
Sadly this is a true story that happened to me in my 20's, about 17 years ago.  I was actually approached by a Broker, that sold properties in Fairhope, Alabama, at my grandmother's funeral visitation.  Worst of all, he was doing his preliminary listing presentation right next to the open casket....
I can't believe this happened, and it happend in my town.  A man pulls a gun on a homeowner to get real estate sign back.  It's assumed that it's a real estate sign and the gunman is an agent.  I know how protective I am of my real estate signs, but this is beyond my scope.   Read original articl...
  Flat-fee listing agents provide an opportunity for people selling their homes to get their house listed on MLS without paying that agent a real estate commission.  Instead, they pay a flat fee for the services they want and then perform all the other services themselves.     Can you be too che...
Real estate is a hard career to transition to if you don't have enough savings to last you through the initial dry spell.  To ease the transition, some agents like to start out in real estate as a part-time agent.  Is this part-time devotion really fair to your clients and should you really expec...
  Original source: Shortly after launching our Really Rotten Realty website last month, we were reminded of the difference between Realtors and real estate agents.  Tha...
It's always been my stand that if you can't change what you don't like about our industry then at least try to avoid it and expose others to it so they can too.  That's why the Really Rotten Realty agency was created.  They are exposing the absurd and shady practices of our industry by making an...
Preparing to sell your home in the Dallas / Fort Worth area?  Spring is the start of the selling season for real estate so this is a good time to start planning for it.  Before you talk to an agent, here are some things you should consider doing to your house’s exterior to improve your houses’ cu...

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