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You Can Scape-it™ is a blog about the value of your real estate. Most important is the value to your own enjoyment whether entertaining friends, enjoying time with your family, of spending time by yourself enjoying the natural beauty you had a part in creating. Also, an investment can reap big reward in the resale of your property.
It is a bright sunny day here. ... It is inspiring and firing ... and I have been fired up to take action on a thought from a while ago. A new blog,           My Landscape Design.    Real Estate people know all about the value of home staging.      What about the outside??     Sure, clean it up a...
Christmas and the season is always a time for reflection, joy and family.  It offers up lessons in many ways, as does every day if we chose to interpret events that way.   A great lesson is often retold in many ways ... and this gem was provided with the departure of my son, Neil, driving down th...
Malcolm paints a picture we all can see ourselves in.   What do you do? Thank you Malcolm ...  Each day is special ... and who knows what will happen!  I will think of you as security comes to get me as I let loose on some display confronting me when I next walk into some store. Damn you, Crayola...
Our landscape design business is at a pinnacle in delivering an important message.  Your outdoor environment is so much more than just a BBQ on the deck, soaking up some sun.  -  The right environment adds much to your living ... and that very true cliche of "curb appeal"in marketing your home fo...
Shortly after joining ActiveRain, a real estate network, I discovered Loreena Yeo.  Her posts were filled with great knowledge and steps she is taking in the business. Loreena also makes it a practice to share her faith  ... and this story about her brother says it in a nutshell. ... It is a fait...
Home Stagers are an important mix to any home sale plan - whether that sale is a FSBO or listed by a professional REALTOR(R).  Janice Ankrett is a Home Stager from Ontario and knows what works!Many Buyers cannot see past what is there. If you present a room in less than 'show' condition, your buy...
We all are wary of what we consume and breathe.  Sometimes, we have limited choices ... but in choosing some simple ambiance such as a candle in our home ... Did you know there is a better choice for the type of candle?A Lot Of people don't have knowledge of an important detail: the air which cir...
... or having SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).     Like many bathrooms, ours has some reading material I will peruse occasionally. A favourite is 'Another Lost Whole Moose Catalogue' ... 'a Yukon way of Knowledge' book of an assortment of articles written primarily for the influx of tourists th...
Not just another business book!   As I venture on a new path in my life, and thrive in some self appreciating way with a claim that "I am an entrepreneur", I am often immersed in business type books or biographies of those who have seen SUCCESS in their ventures. I subscribe to all sorts of gurus...
  True Story! The Real Estate market is slow across Canada ... and the network of associates I work with have some time to search out some valuable tidbits ...or timbits (or chickenbits) to go with your morning coffee. Thanks Malcolm.  ... I wonder how magazine sales were before and after?   Mike...

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You Can Scape-it
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