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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Mike McCann - Broker, Mach1 Realty Farmland Broker-Auctioneer Serving Rural Nebraska
Gravel Roads are a way of life...cornfields and beans...hay and alfalfa...wheat and sorghum...cattle and hogs...horses and sheep...tractors and combines...summer heat and winter cold...Learn a little about Nebraska and the Farmers way of life...The Real Truth...not the stuff you see on the Network News. Real People who work hard and have fun. Come along, learn, and enjoy some of my articles about our beautiful state and why we truly believe in Nebraska...The Good Life!
Throughout 2015 and in early 2016 the (great real estate) Pundits said the farm land markets was going to implode...and we were going to see 25 to 40% declines in farm land values.I even wrote an article two years ago stating that if corn stayed under $4.00 for an extended period of time...we cou...
What is the definition of a Real Estate Team and is a "Team" better or worse than an "Individual" agent?I made a comment on a blog by Kenneth J Jones talking about Teams and (from my perception of the blog) and the disdain for Teams in general. You can see it here: Are Real Estate Teams More Hype...
Hail Season is upon us. If you are hit by a storm, you need to know who to use for the repairs that does great work!Our home was hailed out last fall. First time in 28 years of marriage! Although not a local Kearney, NE company, Robyn and I intentionally used Roof Pros as we have known the owner ...
This is our Home…It may be more than you have…it may be Less… But without Love…it is Nothing… Love knows not size… nor value…nor social status… Love knows happiness, tenderness, caring, and committment.                Love will have a past full of lifelong memories           and a future that wil...
Well...the weatherman was right in Central Nebraska.They said we were going to have a lot of rain this weekend.As of 8 pm tonight...April 17, 2016...the rain gauge on our patio registered 7" and it was still raining.It has been mostly a slow and steady rain since Friday night and a lot of it has ...
Is it me...or does it seem a tad bit dry in the central Nebraska farm land? The farmers are working the fields preparing for planting and many have started dropping seed into the ground this week.Some are going to wait until next week to plant. Might be a good idea in my is only mid-...
Do you see them? Who you may ask? The Real Estate Investors. Right to you.  Maybe at church...or living near you...or in your office building... or your kid's or grandkids function.Your old classmate maybe. Or business partner...or former client in some other city.One thing I have le...
Another farm for sale in Nebraska is now Sold!! Mike McCann... Nebraska Farm Broker!Thank you to Alan & Stacy Bueber of Kearney, NE for placing your trust in me to represent you in your purchase of a million dollar+ farm west of Overton, NE!!I greatly enjoyed working with you and helping ...
Congrats!!  You just bought or sold: A. Home   B. Building   C. Business   D. Farm orE. moved out of a rentalF. moved into a rentaland I am sure there is a G, H, and an I out there as well!!Congrats to all of you!! You are now the proud owner of... Insert the correct letter here:             .Did...
Mike McCann did it again!!! This time a commercial property. Are you kidding me? This guy is on fire!!Boom!! Another Property Sold!!  I love writing that!!  That means I have one of three things...a happy buyer...or happy seller...or preferably both!!In this in most...both are happy.I r...

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