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When a prospect says something like, “We may be selling in the next year,” does that mean you’ll get the listing? Not necessarily. Lots can happen between now and “in a year”. They might decide not to move. They might decide to sell early. They might forget you. They might go with another agent.S...
According to Pew Research, half of millennials are now in their 30s. So this is a demographic that not only includes first-time buyers, but also a growing number of homeowners who are selling and upsizing.If you want more real estate agent leads from this group, it’s all-to-easy to buy into the s...
More than two-thirds the population of the United States and Canada have Facebook accounts. So the chances are high your clients and prospects are hanging out on this social media network — at least, occasionally. In fact, it’s the largest networking event in town. And it’s going on 24 hours a da...
Do you have business people, professionals, or career-seekers in your target audience? If so, here’s a statistic you should know…50% are LinkedIn users. That means they’re active on this social media network. They connect, post, comment and search. In fact, by the time you’ve finished reading thi...
Chances are, you want more referrals. Who doesn’t? After all, they tend to have a high lead-to-new-client ratio. So, increasing your real estate referrals by just 10% can give your income a big boost.Although referrals can come from many sources — business contacts, word-of-mouth, your geographic...
Say you have clients who are planning a kitchen renovation. They basically have three choices.Choice one, they could put the project together piece-meal. For example, buy the materials themselves, find a carpenter, hire a plumber, oversee everything, etc.That’s a lot of work.Choice two, they coul...
Hard work is a wonderful thing. It’s almost universally applauded. In our industry, for example, real estate agents who work endless hours chasing down real estate leads, are often admired. “Way to go for it!” we say.But hard work, as necessary and effective as it is sometimes, comes with a price...
If you’ve ever played golf then you know the value of fine tuning. Just a minor tweak in your swing can make a significant difference in accuracy and distance.The same can be said about your marketing. Oftentimes, just a few minor improvements can bring in more real estate referrals and leads. Th...
There may not be snow where you are today. However, you can probably still picture how the snowball effect works. It’s an analogy, of course, that refers to a snowball rolling down a hill. It starts off small, but as it gains momentum and picks up more snow it becomes bigger and bigger.In a way, ...
Imagine you’re at a supermarket and you notice two bins of oranges. On the left is the Amazing Orange. On the right, the Super Orange. Which brand of oranges would you buy? After all, they’re both juicy, both delicious, and both contain healthy doses of vitamin C.Chances are, you would pick the b...

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