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Many people still have Adjustable Rate Mortgages and they are waiting for the ideal time to refinance. Recently, we have seen rates go up, and it's certainly hard to predict the future so it makes sense to look at the whole picture long before you are ready to refinance. Consumers Advantage Mortg...
NOTE: This is a fairly long post, but it can put an additional $100,000 or more in your pocket, so I encourage you to read it thoroughly. I know it's a tough market, there is no denying that. Many people have left and as more and more real estata agents and loan officers exit the market, there wi...
For those who don't know what a Sweat-Hog is, don't worry it's not a derogatory phrase. A SWEATHOG is a real estate professional that went through Floyd Wickman's Sales Training prior to 1999 when he sold it to RealNet. I recall Floyd saying that Sweathogs stick together, and in the old days it w...
Initially, that may sounds selfish, but my point is that if you are going to be a member, there should be a benefit - right? So What is Active Rain, Really?I want to start out by emphasizing that Active Rain is an Online Social Networking community for real estate professionals. The reason I poin...
With the Federal Fund Rate dropping back down to near record lows, many people are asking if it makes any sense to try and leverage this rate to pay off their first mortgage. At first glance, my thought was that that Home Equity rates are too volatile to try and risk it, but after learning and un...
Making offers on real estate only comes into play if you can find properties to make offers on. Here are some resources that might help you find your next deal. 1. Traditional Classified Ads. This is a tried and true method. Search local and regional classified ads looking for words such as divor...
Many years ago a successful real estate investor shared with me the two words that are critical to success in real estate investing. Do you know what they are? "MAKE" "OFFERS" In order to get the deals, you have to be out making offers on properties. I recently joined a real estate investment gro...
I would like to wish you all a Happy and Safe Independence Day! Take time to rest, relax, and be thankful for the freedoms that we have as Americans.  Also, let's put aside our opinions about the war and remember those who fight for our freedom all around the world, which allow us to enjoy what w...
When I made the transition in to the mortgage business, one of the thing that gave me an advantage over the competition was my kowledge of Internet Marketing. I had just sold my share of the Internet Marketing Consultancy that I had founded and needed to do something that was not in competition w...
Consumers Advantage Mortgage is preparing to launch our $100 Gas Card giveaway along with a "free gas for a year" promotion. We are looking for national sponsors, mortgage lenders (in Hawaii and Atlanta), and local real estate partners who want to get exposure through our media blitz. For real es...

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