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Have you ever wondered... or even cared where all the trash that you generate goes? When you think about how much trash each and every one of us generate every day, every month, every year, it becomes a staggering thought. What if all that trash had to be piled up in your own back yard? Would yo...
Pictures of the front of houses are nice, but they don't tell the whole story... NOT EVEN CLOSE! Many out of state property investors are now springing up, due to the recent foreclosure crisis, and the seminar gurus who are teaching people how to do this. This is great news for the market, gener...
Here is the essential Twitter guide SERIES from Paul Chaney! TONS of GREAT INFO HERE! Be sure to follow the links provided to the other 4 parts of this series... it is VERY ENLIGHTENING! Had to share it with you again! Thanks again to Paul for the priveledge of re-blogging this!     Do yourself ...
Here is a GREAT video on Social Marketing, and why it is sooo important in this day and age to understand and USE it.... Via Paul Chaney (Social Media Handyman): Terri Murphy asked me to do a video for a panel she moderated at NAR. What she didn't mention was that she also uploaded it to YouTube...
Here's some Great Twitter advice from an Expert, who also has a book on the subject...Check It Out! There are two schools of thought pertaining to who to follow on Twitter. One is what I refer to as the Guy Kawasaki method which says, "forget the influentials," "defocus your efforts," and "get a...
Here is some very good practical advice I found from Ross Hair. Recycling blogs in this way makes a lot of sense for those of us who are already very busy, and trying to get the most out of our time on the web, and social media/marketing. Check it out... Writing content for the web is time consu...
This is an origial post by Paul Chaney, social marketing expert. I'm hoping he joins us here to help enlighten our new group. Thanks for letting me re-blog this one Paul. You have many more that I would like to re-blog as well!   Most of my social media handyman posts will be in response to ques...
This post is a re-blog from Jason Crouch, and it tells us how to link to his social media radio talk show, so I thought it would helpful to re-blog it here. Thanks Jason! Ever since we started the Social Media Show on BlogTalkRadio back in late November of 2008, we have had some amazing guests. ...
I would like to invite everyone to a new group called FACEBOOK BLOGGERS  This is a place where anyone can come to meet new Facebook friends, blog about Facebook, learn more about social networking, and utilizing it's benefits to your advantage. Links to your own Facebook page are also encouraged....
Hi everyone! It's been a while since I have been here, and I may be a little rusty at this, so bear with me. I was thinking the other day, and thought... who gets into more crawl spaces and attics than a home inspector? Not many people get to have these lovely experiences daily, so I'm thinking, ...

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