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Well, here is the mansion... Complete with greenhouse, pond in a "park-like" setting, in-law suite, multi-level private decks, a windmill for private electric generation, and separate entrances and facilities for all family members. Very private and secluded back yard. What more could you ask for...
Well, here it is folks, Kevin's own favorite chili recipe. Feel free to copy, and enjoy!  **KEVIN'S WHITE CHILI**  You will need the following ingredients:1.    1 lb. of smoked bacon (cooked crisp)2.    1 lb. of ground turkey (or substitute 11/2 lb. grilled chicken breast)3.    1 large white onio...
When someone orders a home inspection, sometimes their expectation is that the home inspector should and will find anything and everything that is wrong with the house, or will be wrong with the house in the future. The harsh reality is though, that expectation is not an attainable goal. Although...
Spring is here people. Time to get out there and clean up those sticks, put in some mulch, pick up stray leaves and debris. Maybe pressure wash the front of the house. Getting an early start on this may give your house just the boost it needs to get noticed and sold. We have a few warm days comin...
 I have noticed that some of you get tons of responses to Your Blogs, and it seems like I get a few, and then all of a sudden, it stops deader than a cat run over by a John Deere tractor. Someone pleaase let me in on your secret to keeping a blog going? I now have nine dead cats. Does it have any...
Now is the time of year to get out there and clean out those gutters and downspouts- BEFORE the rainy season hits us. If your gutters are working properly, and underground drainage is doing it's job- moving the water away from your house foundation, then you will most likely avoid an unwelcome we...
This has always been a rather touchy subject in the real estate industry. Here is your chance to tell your "horror stories" and how you dealt with them. Hopefully, we can all learn and benefit from the knowledge of your experiences, good and bad. Let's see where this leads us; please try to stay ...
Just for fun, how many of you have ever dressed up like an Easter Bunny, and showed up to suprise friends or relatives with children? I did this one year, and it was a real blast, especially before they figured out who I was. At first, you could see the fear in their eyes, grabbing their children...
Some people say that their home inspector killed their deal. Did he really? Or did the house just commit suicide? When certain defects are discovered during a home inspection that no one seemed to be aware of before the inspection, it is tempting to say that the home inspector killed the deal. B...
It is often said that "You get back what you give". But sometimes you don't get back what you give. Especially if it is given in the wrong spirit, or frame of mind. When we give away something in business, it is usually because we want or expect to get something back (more business, more referra...

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