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Besides the 25 lb FRUITCAKE, somebody, somewhere has sent you a gift that you would probably NEVER EVER USE if you lived to be 150! So let's HEAR IT ACTIVE RAIN.... WHAT IS YOUR WORST GIFT EVER? (Or maybe you gave the worst gift ever to someone else?? it ok to RE-GIFT THE WORST GIFT EVER...
A few weeks ago, I saw a news story on CNN that was talking about germs, and where they hide/reside. The clip said that some of the nastiest places are the places where hands are the most; such as doorknobs, car steering wheel, computer keyboard, desktop, refrigerator door handle, and the top of...
Here is a great list of events, compiled and posted by Mr. David Childress, of Howard Hanah Realty. Thanks for allowing re-blog David!   Take a moment this busy holiday week to reflect upon the many things we have to be thankful for. Enjoy the turkey dinner and time with family and friends.   Ha...
              Hey Ohio! We have a brand new group to post all of your events, public, private, or corporate. the only requirement is that it be located in... you guessed it... Ohio! Please be specific about dates & places, and include a picture or video if possible. Birthday events of you, your ...
Here is a wonderful little story, posted by Jon Wnoroski, which reminds all of us about getting out of our own way, and not setting limits for ourselves. I thought it was very relevant, and definitely worth reading again, so I'm re-blogging to give those of you who have not read it a chance to s...
This  little guy looks like he's wating for something... maybe for his duckie darling to come home. But could be he is just enjoying the peaceful solitude. This Canadian Goose family seems content to play "follow the leader". Of course, isn't that what geese always do? (They fly in a Vee formatio...
Well, this is the EARLIEST I ever remember having this much snow. This was the scene out from my rear covered patio last week. (Snow has since, once again melted). I hope this is not an indication of the kind of winter we will be having. Of course, everyone with a snow plow, or a pair of skis mi...
This picture is from a ranch style house basement, where the house has been sittting vacant, with no heat or utilities on for over 8 months. The damage seen is not from an external leak  from a roof or foundation; it is from condensation cuased by the neglect of beingclosed up with no heat, or v...
Recently, it appears as though someone has been spamming my blogs with unsigned-in comments, and comments without a comment ... multiple times! I don't know what is going on, or if anyone else is getting this. If so, I wonder if anything can be done about it? I just deteted like 12 comments from ...

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