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These images of Old Glory were taken at the McCain  Palin Rally in Green Ohio, and the last one at the MAPS Air Museum, also in Green.  May our flag forever fly proud and free, and continue to inspire us to greatness. (Kinda makes me want to stand up and salute). Keep the Faith ya'all! Better ti...
This is my first video attempt. Many thanks to my friend Roy Peterson, who helped me get through it. Some of the video is a little dark (taken in an attic) because I have not yet figured out how to edit, but I'm working on it. Feel free to comment, just don't be too harsh.... I promise the next o...
YEP, it's another new group! This one is for your pictures, both beautiful, and not so beautiful. Abstract? No Problem! Want to supply a commentary about the picture? No Problem! Vacation pictures? Cool! (unless you were at a nude beach).  Come on over to The Tuesday Trip and post away! Have a f...
While we have something for almost every day of the week, poor Tuesday usually gets left out in the cold, so here is the new "Tuesday Trip" where I will feature some serene photos for your enjoyment. This is sunset on portage lakes as viewed from my boat in late July. And I leave you with this i...
It never fails to make me nervous when I find water stains on a basement wall, or when I find a basement that has been "freshly painted".  This basement had been painted about a year earlier. On the disclosure form that the homeowner filled out, it stated 'No known leaks" in the basement. Then, ...
As presidential elections go, this one was certainly ground breaking, and historic for many reasons, and on many levels. And now that it is over, and the transition of power is taking place, again it is becoming ground-breaking, and unprecidented. George W. Bush is exhibiting a very high caliber...
This poor chimney felt sooo neglected, it decided to get attention any way it could, so it sprouted a little decoration at the top, just so SOMEONE might notice! Actually it is just an illusion, ... a nearby tree limb decided to get a closer look at the poor deteriorated chimney. But that is not...
A few weeks ago, my wife (Barb) above and I were invited to Spicer Village (a new development near downtown Akron University) to tour the property, and to learn to ride these upright rolling machines they call "Segways".  It was a very cool experience, and since neither one of us had ever been o...
Never thought I would get to 50k on AR, but here I am.... less than 1/3 the way to catch up to Charles Buell, and light years from catching Steve Smith, but nonethless, proud of 50 k . Maybe if I would stop showering every day then I would have more time to blog?? Nahh, forget it, gotta have my ...
Hate to think what MIGHT be in this one.... I didn't look. Amazing what some people will do just so they still get their subscription to Playboy, and the new Sears catalog. My mailbox was full of political ads, bills, and grocery store circulars. Thank Goodness the election is over, but I still g...

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