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Yesterday, I did an inspection on a "rehabbed" house for a very nice couple, who were sure they had found the house for them. The house had very nice "curb appeal", and if you didn't look too close, everything looked pretty good. The seller "rehabber" had told them that he had a "great inspector...
I know, you have probably all heard it at least a dozen times.... but that's what makes it even more puzzling to me that I find SOO MANY smoke detectors not working, or operating improperly. Those of us that have the battery type that are not tied into any electrical system are the most at risk,...
Maybe I am missing something, but as far as I know, there is currently no way to tell on Active Rain how many, or who your subscribers are? I would think that would be useful information, that most of us would like to know? Maybe we can all submit to the powers that be, that this would be a very ...
Stark and Summit County residents have a special little "Gem" right here in their own backyard. The MAPS AIR Museum is located on the West side of the grounds of the Akron-Canton Regional Airport, and is accessible from Massillon Rd, about 1 mile South of Greensburg Rd. The Museum is totally run...
Here, in one picture, I have captured a multitude of horror. This main electric panel has had water entering into the panel, which has rusted the bottom of the box, as well as many of the screw terminals where the wires attach to the breakers. On the right, there is also a breaker  which is "dou...
The Ohio Canal was originally created in the early 1800's to transport goods, and materials North from Lake Erie all the way South across the state of Ohio to the Ohio River. It was completely hand dug, with the aid of farm animals. It was fed with water from the Cuyahoga, and Tuscarawus Rivers,...
Ok , I have just one more thing I NEED you to IDENTIFY.... If you cant guess what this is by ... uh .. Thanksgiving..... I'll give you a hint. Just kidding. First hint; it's white. I promise I'll get serious after this one is over.... (hey you get points for guessing, lol)  
I ran across this yesterday while doing a home inspection. It was the first time in a few years that I have seen "vermiculite" in an attic. Vermiculite is a substance that has been mined, predominately from Libby, Montanna and distributed by a company called "W.R. Grace". It was widely used for ...
Green, Ohio is a small incorporated city, which lies about 1/2 way between Akron and Canton. It was formed as a city in 1991, out of several small hamlets, (most notably, Greensburg). It was the strong deisre to keep the Green school district separate from the City of Akron's that was the drivin...
Our Summit County Waste Management Authority has recently started a "Get Caught Green Handed" campaign, where they put a small green hand sign in your yard if you fill up your recycling bin. A small incentive for a very wothwhile project. They also now have a program where you can take all of yo...

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