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Warning, this blog has nothing to do with real estate, or home inspection. Enter at your own risk! Ok, Charles Buell had so much fun with his whatzit blog, that I decided to challenge your knowledge with this. First one to tell me what it is with the correct name(s) and I will give you a free Se...
Yesterday, I did an inspection where the real estate agent was slightly held up in late afternoon traffic. She arrived about 10 minutes late, and looking very tired. She said she had been going strong since 7 am when she attended an early moring meeting, had 5 appointments, not including this on...
New to this area, is point of sale inspections, which are mandated inspections by the city (or county in this case) to have certain items inspected, and signed off on before a sales transaction of real estate can be transfered. Summit County has just enacted the following legislation: MANDATORY ...
I am giving away FREE GAS for the rest of this month, and August as a new promotion. Did the title and the next line get you? Thought it would.  I recently started this new promotion to give a $25 gas card with every home inspection, and so far, it seems to be working quite well. Far better than...
I am still relatively new to AR, compared to many who have been here a year or more. Lately, it seems I have been seeing a whole lot of posts that are basically complaining about the "points system" or the "abuse" thereof. Most of these complaints appear to be coming from the long time members, a...
Stark County is centrally located in Northeast Ohio. It is one of only a handful of counties in the country that is bordered by 8 other counties, and has a population of just over 378,000. It's 581 square mile area (including 5 sq miles of water) was named for John Stark (Aug 28, 1728- May 8,1822...
This is a picture of a large double-hung vinyl replacement window installed "sideways" as a slider. This is a very common occurrence in this area, since several vinyl window manufacturers used to tell installers and homeowners that thier windows could be installed this way, with no problems. Wha...
Portage Lakes has grown and transformed over the years into not only a place to relax boating, fishing, swimming, skiing, or picnicing, but also as a viable community, which has steadily increased in value, and continues to do so, even in the current econonmic conditions. The Portage Lakes are h...
I recently added a music widget to my blog on here, and it seems that ever since, comments on my blogs have dropped it because of the music?  I'll take it off, if that is the case. I don't want to annoy you when  you come to visit or comment. please let me know what you think. Music or ...
I don't mean to sound dumb, but I have been wondering about this new Localism everyone is talking about. Is this going to be something that is only for realtors? Or can a home inspector post there too? I understand there is going to be some "staking out territory" taking place on July 31? How doe...

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