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Toronto and The GTA Area Now Have Infrared Home Inspections Provided by Alantis Thermal Imaging Utah Infrared would like to welcome our newest friend and affiliate, Mr. Gabriel Gal from Alantis Thermal Imaging to the ActiveRain Community. Mr. Gal from Alantis Thermal Imaging is Toronto Canada's f...
  Utah Infrared Inspections is now part of the United Infrared Network www.UtahInfraredInspection.com  Utah Infrared Inspections Has Joined the United Infrared Network  Utah Infrared Inspections announces that they have joined the United Infrared Network.  Utah Infrared Inspections is an infrared...
Ogden Utah once again hosted the Winter Dew Tour. All competitions and festivities were wrapped up today. The halfpipe walls were an incredible 22 feet this year. You would have to physically see this halfpipe to realize just how massive it is because pictures can't do it justice. The good news i...
Centerville Utah Home Owners Should Definitely Have a Radon Test   During several home inspections in Centerville Utah over the last couple of weeks I've found extremely high levels of Radon gas. The EPA strongly recommends Radon mitigation on any test results above 4.0 pci/l's. The last few Cent...
www.UtahInfraredInspection.com During the right conditions, defective thermal seals in windows can be easily identified with Infrared Technology. Studies have shown that 20% of the windows coming from the factory are defective. It can sometimes take 6-weeks to 3 years for a home or building owner...
All Utah Home Inspections Should Include Infrared Inspections(Thermal Imaging) All Utah Home and Building Inspections should include Infrared technology. Utah Infrared provides thermal imaging services with every home and building inspection at no additional charge.   Less than 5% of home inspec...
Last night when driving home on Hwy 89 towards South Ogden, I spotted a group of deer. I pulled off to the side of the road to have a better look with my infrared camera but now I wish I hadn't.   Watching one of the deer try to walk was about the saddest thing I've seen in a long time. One of hi...
While watching the news this year I've noticed 2-3 different incidents of Deer being spooked into peoples homes. Having a yard full of deer is a unique thing but also something to be cautious of. By using an Infrared Camera like the one we use during Utah Home and Building Inspections, Deer are i...
Infrared Inspection Lays a 12 Year Old Moisture Problem To Rest Quite often I get the all to familiar call from a distressed home owner battling a moisture problem. Often times the owner is almost at the point of admitting defeat or giving up the battle against the moisture problem. Moisture neve...
Utah Infrared and United Infrared Performing Equine Thermal Imaging for Orlando FL. Mounted Patrol Horses Yesterday, we at Utah Infrared assisted United Infrared with Equine Thermal Imaging on Orlando Florida's Mounted Patrol Horses.    The Orlando Police Department wasn't aware of any concerns w...

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