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Why EVERY Utah Hotel Needs an Infrared Inspection!! Construction work and hotel guests just don't mix! Nearly EVERY hotel I stay in I find defects that are either costing the owner money(energy concerns), about to be costing the owner money(moisture problems), or other numerous building defects t...
If you don’t think that residential energy efficiency can have an impact on our national energy crisis or our economy……..READ THIS!!!!! The energy wasted in 75,000 homes in the US annually equals the amount of energy wasted in the Gulf Horizon Oil Spill. Retrofitting these 75,000 homes would cos...
At Utah Infrared Home and Building Inspections we have always guaranteed the most advanced, indepth, and informative Infrared Home and Building Inspections in the State of Utah. To ensure we are providing the quality of service that we promote, we continually attend training conferences, classes,...
The Ski Spider Bit Me While Doing a Powder Mountain, Utah Condo Inspection It usually takes a significant event to trigger my excitement for the Utah Ski Season and yesterday that event took place. I came home after doing a Powder Mountain Condo Inspection and my official ski season excitement wa...
Free Infrared Inspection of Radiant Heated Flooring or Heated Driveway for Ogden Residents! Yes, some things in life are completely free. You just have to be luckily enough to be in the right place at the right time. This offer comes with absolutely no strings attached and it doesn't involve any ...
While preforming Infrared Home Inspections in Utah, I see quite a few insulation defencies. A major benefit of an Infrared Home Inspection is being able to detect insulation voids that can't be seen with the naked eye. Infrared Inspection Detects Missing Insulation       Infrared Home Inspectors ...
Does Your Utah Home Inspector Offer Infrared Home Inspections? If your home inspector doesn't provide you with Infrared Technology than they aren't providing you with the best home inspection. It doesn't matter how experienced the inspector because : Many things simply can not be seen without Inf...
Infrared Home Inspections Prove To Be a Major Asset To Utah Home Buyers Can you afford the costs of your home inspector over-looking something? Why take the chance? Infrared Cameras Can Immediately Detect What Flashlights So Commonly Miss    ♦ Electrical faults before they cause a fire  ♦ Overloa...
Infrared Home Inspections Continue To Benefit Ogden Utah Home Buyers Infrared Home Inspections are the same cost of a flashlight inspection yet offer nearly double the benefits. WHY WOULDN'T YOU INSIST ON AN INFRARED INSPECTOR? Infrared Technology used during a home or building inspection offers ...
Ogden Utah Mold Testing On The Rise In the past 2 weeks our request for Utah Mold Testing has nearly doubled. Remember, microscopic mold spores are already in every home floating throughout the air. It takes a certain anmount of moisture to make Mold start growing like wild fire. Many homes have ...

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