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What are the benefits of having a Utah Infrared Home Inspection?   The benefits of an infrared home inspection so far outweigh a non-infrared inspection that I'd almost consider a non-infrared inspection to be obsolete. I personally couldn't imagine buying a property without first having an infra...
Mold Testing Can Often and Easily be Avoided by Utah Infrared Home Inspections Many Utah home owners and home buyers are saving the un-necessary costs of mold testing by simply having an Infrared Home Inspection. At Utah Infrared, we have all the top of the line Mold Testing Equipment and are mol...
Farmington, Utah's Lagoon Amusement Park in Infrared   Being an Infrared Thermographer, I find capturing most all things in Infrared to be interesting. After doing an Infrared Home Inspection in Farmington Utah, I couldn't help but get the desire to see some roller coasters in Infrared. I was sta...
Ogden Utah Infrared Home Inspections Utah Infrared Inspections has been providing the most advanced home inspections available in Ogden Utah for several years now. We use Infrared thermal imaging technology on EVERY home inspection no matter what the circumstances. We don't charge extra for therm...
Moisture Detection During Utah Infrared Inspections
Why your Salt Lake City Home Needs an Infrared Home Inspection They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Many clients now claim a thermal image to easily be worth thousands of dollars. The images seem to speak for themselves.         VISIT WWW.UTAHINFRAREDINSPECTION.COM TO SEE MANY OF THE AMA...
Salt Lake City Infrared Home Inspection Uncovers What Was Long Ago Covered On nearly every Utah Infrared Home Inspection I preform, I identify numerous things that would have gone un-noticed without the use of an infrared camera. The use of thermal imaging has proved to be such a huge asset in pr...
Farmington, Utah Equine Thermal Imaging at the Legacy Event Center If anyone lives around Farmington, Utah than they are well aware of the large horse community and popular equine events that bring in horse enthusist from hundreds of miles away. Yesterday was the 2nd of the 3 day Easter Weekend E...
Ogden Utah Infrared Home Inspections Utah Infrared has been providing Ogden, Utah with one of the most advanced, in-depth, and informative home inspections available in the State of Utah for several years now. You simply cannot find a more comprehensive home inspection within the State of Utah th...

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