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Yesterday, AT&T experienced a catastrophic crash which took down their entire phone system and those of many of their ancillary companies in major cities nationwide  Other than T-mobile and some Verizon users, most mobile users, nationwide found themselves either without service or with some form...
There was a boyA very strange enchanted boy They say he wandered very far, very farOver land and sea A little shy and sad of eyeBut very wise was he   And then one dayA magic day he passed my wayAnd while we spoke of many thingsFools and kingsThis he said to me "The greatest thing you'll ever le...
Well, here we are again, Phil.I'm sorry, who are you?I'm not Bill Murray.Oh, right.  You're the guy who wakes me up early every year.Right, right! You remember.Yeah, you're hard to forget.So, whaddya think?Think?  About what?About how much winter we have left?Did you bring any coffee with you?[ah...
I spend far more time on Facebook, than I ought.  I know that.In my time spent cruising my Facebook feed I run across this scam of a post that typically has a headline that says "I can't believe he's gone" and begs the reader to click on it, to find out who has died.And, of course, if they click ...
Recently a question asked about Speaker's Disease.  And while I've not heard of that, specifically, it reminded me of this odd fact.Were you aware that the one thing that most people in the United State are afraid of is Public Speaking.  That's right, getting up in front of a group of people and ...
So, I watched the Republican debate last night, with only Nicky Haley and Ron DeSantis. It was quite interesting.  Each of them got in a couple of decent jabs at the other.  I thought the moderators, Dana Bash and Jake Tapper did an adequate job of keeping things moving along.  It was easier to m...
Yesterday was a difficult day, in the life of ActiveRain.  The platform was slow, and commenting, nay even viewing, was difficult.  500 Server errors were common and that damnable rain-coated Chihuahua kept showing his un-welcomed face.  It was frustrating as heck.It made it very uncomfortable to...
I am a member of Lab Coat Agents ... a large "snarky" group of real estate agents on Facebook that posts fairly regularly with membership totally over 163,000.  An impressive collection of Realtors, I think most would agree, if only in size.I was having a discussion, just yesterday, with an Acti...
This is the time of year we find ourselves thinking about our reasons for being thankful.  This year, in particular, I find myself particularly thankful, in view of all that is going on in this strange world of ours.Once again, the world has changed, and evil has ratcheted up a full notch and hal...
A Photographer who regularly visited her parents at her childhood home realized that every time she left, her parents walked her to the car and waved as she drove away. (here's the article from the New Yorker)It suddenly occurred to her, as she realized that her parents were aging that since she ...

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