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Rally Day 2009 was an enormous success! Nearly 1,000 builders, developers, remodelers and associate members from around the state joined the Texas Association of Builders at the Capitol on February 25 to participate in the day's events. Governor Rick Perry, our key speaker, enthusiastically addre...
   The Fort Worth downtown area welcomes the new Omni Hotel.  According to Fort Worth Mayor,  Mike Moncrief, the Omni Hotel is "a perfect compliment to a world class convention center.  It will change the dynamic of Fort Worth".     The Omni hotel will definately have an impact on Fort Worth's ec...
Alexander Chandler Realty's website was honored at the National Association of Realtor's convention this past November. featured Alexander Chandler's website in a demonstration because it is one of the most sophisticate and user friendly website in the country.      Alexander Chan...
         I just got an email from T Boone Pickens,, and thought I would share my experience of seeing him at a Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce luncheon.  TBoone is serious about his plan and I do not believe his motivation is only financial.  The event was the 25th anniversary of t...
     Recently, my company, Alexander Chandler Realty, with a couple of friends from Republic Title had the opportunity to tour the new stadium still under construction.  Jack Williams of the Dallas Cowboys was kind enough to grant us a tour.       The stadium is now only 15 minutes from downtown ...
     We learn by asking questions which brings me to the topic of referrals.  The other day I received a call from an agent who said she might have a possible referral.  My company has a great internet presence so not sure if she found me from there or active rain or  Any way, my in...
Recently I had the pleasure of going to the opening party of Don Shula's new restaurant in Fort Worth, TX at the Sheraton in downtown Fort Worth which is very close to some of my Fort Worth Homes.  It was more of a preopening party.  They filed us thru the restaurant which was larger than I expec...
   Recently, I was browsing the internet looking for Fort Worth Luxury Home listings the way an average person would without knowing it and found some things that may be of interest.  One thing of interest is you can tell a little about an agent or company in how the remarks read.     When I post...
National news will not give the debate over whether increasing oil production will decrease price a rest.  I received a lesson from dear ol' Dad the other day who happens to be an economist.  We were discussing the local Fort Worth Real Estate market where the Star Telegram mentioned that prices ...
The home inspection is a crucial part of the home buying process and dotted with liability.  Recently, I witnessed a broker of over a decade help a family member purchase a Fort Worth home and not bother to have it inspected or perform a walk thru.  The result is the air conditioner is broken and...

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