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I've been collecting inspirational/motivational quotes since I was 15, which is a pretty long time. One thing I've learned is that inspiration can come from outside, but motivation has to come from within. I was just looking through some of the journals that I've been writing in, and there must b...
What's the point of doing an Open House? To attract potential buyers for a particular home, and to pick up a few great new leads for ourselves. Okay, so what's the point in doing an Open House if you aren't going to ask everyone who enters to sign the Guest Registry?  During an Open House, you op...
When you go on holidays, do you disengage 100% from your business? Or, do you still check messages and emails and call the office daily? When you're with a client, do you answer your phone, check messages, post a Facebook status update, send a qucik Tweet, check your Klout score or call the offic...
Here is a great little video with a powerful message. I hope you enjoy it ;^)"
I believe that buying a home can be a stressful time, but I also believe that many buyers make it so themselves. I also believe whole heartedly that it doesn't have to be this way if buyers just followed a few simple guidelines.    1 - Get yourself a great Realtor. I put this #1 because many time...
How many times have you set up an appointment to show a property, only to have the tenants tell you that they were not informed? And, they do not allow you in? What do you do? On the weekend, I met an investor client at a property with tenants. We had given 24 hour notice, and upon arriving, we w...
We see it quite often. A house gets listed for sale, then it just sits...and sits...and sits. It may even change Realtors a time or three, but still, it sits...and sits...and sits. So, what's the problem here? The market? The Realtor? The marketing? The property itself? Or, is it simply the price...
I was listening to the news this morning at 6am, and the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame is planning on moving. They may go to London, Ontario, or they may stay in St. Mary's. The reporter said that the President had looked into purchasing on old school that's for sale, but that it was too expensi...
                        Deceivingly large home! Spacious front entry into a bright family sized living room with bay window ovelooking the open space of a playground. Pretty glass door leads to an over-sized kitchen with updated cabinetry, loads of storage and counter space and a bright spacious ...
'Do you want to list your home for sale, or do you want to list your home to sell?' That's the question I ask a seller when we're at an impasse. Sometimes they stare at me like a deer in the headlights, other times they just smile, but then there are the times when I'm asked, ' What is the differ...

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