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I am writing this since a friend I had a long time ago in public school contacted me becasue my blog was seen and read regularly by my friend.......... this friend is a trusted confidant and I would really like to talk again.... This friend has been on my mind for quite some time..... I hope she ...
I have heard that AR is deleting Rainmaker accounts by the hundreds...... I have also heard that AR has a NEW policy about Rainmakers who do not post within 90 days. I do agree AR is/was a GREAT real estate blogging platform. What I do NOT understand is what has happened over the last 2 years, si...
    Record low mortgage interest rates and even more affordable home prices contributed to helping purchasers of Chicago-land real estate in September, although the Illinois housing market remains restrained after the home buyer tax credit ended. Stable and robust signals from the economy are nee...
I can hear the engines spooling up as I type this...... I got my 14 hours of CE done LAST YEAR, but I was totally unprepared for the $85.00 filing fee. From the Flight Line (640x360) from bladerunner71 on Vimeo. I finally had the money for it.......     I am so excited about the renewal of my lic...
After everything that has happened so far since my leaving a landlord in the middle of the night..... I have been at the job I was hired at for 3 weeks and..... BOOM !!! I got a $100.00 per week RAISE !!   The manager who is related to the franchisee at the seven eleven I am working at owns a ren...
    Hey there, since I told you about the landlord who threatened me bodily harm and the police who escorted me into the home to pick up my things, several things have happened: The old landlord stopped by to give me someclothes I missed and he did not have an "attitude"toward me. I am getting al...
  How many times have you read the storys of the fathers of the faith in the bible ~~~ apostles, kings, and prophets all having to "go the distance" before they received what the Lord God wanted them to recieve? What did you think when you were reading those storys? I hope THAT doesn't happen to...
        After writing a comment on Sara Washburns Facebook page about Christianity yesterday, I suddenly felt more renewed to post here in ActiveRain. To be frank I am still getting my feet wet around here and even though my posts are getting better statistics, I stillfeel like a new born puppy ...
Hello there everyone!! After having the home I live in get sideswiped by a tornado, I am back. God was good to me in that even though our internet connection got interuppted, the home was not touched and we were all safe. We have such a wonderful Creator in and though our Messiah Yeshua (Jesus)!!...
  Hello everyone..... I have been gone for this past week because the home I am living in got sideswiped by a tornado!!! Part of the backyard fence is gone in one section, and a tree fell from the next door neighboirs yard and destroyed fencing in the back of the garage in another section. A LOT ...

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