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Well I have not delivered the post on a Saturday and as far as I know I have skipped a week. I am soooo human and have so many faults. I know you all forgive me and some of you were even praying for me because you were wondering "what was going on with Alex." Well, I am still here..... hehehehehe...
  This weeks Sabbath Gleanings is taken from the situation of the children of Israel and Moses when a bunch of disgruntled men banded together to split the congregation:   "Now Korah the son of Izhar, son of Kohath, son of Levi, and Dathan and Abiram the sons of Eliab, and On the son of Peleth, s...
This is the first of my series and I am so sorry I did not get it to you on Saturday, as I told you I would. I AM glad I did say that scheduling permitting I would get these posts out and I DID have scheduling issies. Without further ado, here we go...... Here is the subject verse for this post: ...
    In my walk with our divine Creator and His Son, our blessed Messiah, Jesus ("Yeshua" in Hebrew) since 1980, I have been changed in so many ways it is hard to describe everything that has happened to me. One thing that I CAN say and describe that has happened to me is I was changed from a Gre...
  In the past months I have struggled with several things: The almost total demise of my real estate marketing. Having to relocate to a new state, where I only knew one person. Leaving most of my possesions in Florida, where I was living. Having to depend on public transportation in the state I l...
Just to let everyone know, I am going to be coming back and posting regularly again. I will be starting a series on what it means to be a Christian real estate agent from the perspective of our relationship to our Creator in His son, our Messiah, Jesus. This will not be just about doing what is r...
For a LONG time in my Christian life I had felt a call to the Ministry. Then after 10 years I became a licensed Minister with the Church of God, a Pentecostal denomination akin to the Assemblies of God. After 15 years being licensed and seeing all the things associated with Ministry and seeing th...
As many of you might know, I went through a REALLY tough time in the past 8 months. For 5 months I did not have income that paid my bills. I had to sell my car because I did not have the money to get it fixed. I lived from hand to mouth for all this time, not knowingwhere my next meal would be co...
  This is a milestone in our groups history and one I was not sure would come... We have now over 1400 members in "Christianity and Real Estate", the largest group in ActiveRain for those who are real estate professionals and are Christiansin practice for their lives. This group started on 01/25/...
  Here is another of my "Interactive Map of Homes for Sale in the Chicago area". These homes are ALL in foreclosure with asking price ranged from $150,000 to $200,000. Can you imagine how much a DEAL some of these homes are? Just from a buyers perspective, some of these homes would be like steal...

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