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Information on Illinois and Chicago area real estate; trends in the market, insight into the business...I am sure you'll like what you see... Take a look!
  Here is another interactive map of homes for sale in the Chicago area priced at $100,000 to $150,000. All these homes on this map are in foreclosure and there are great deals out there. If you are looking for a GREAT deal on a home, let The Knights Team ReferralGroup help you all the way from b...
Here is interactive map number 6 of homes for sale in the Chicago area. This map is for homes priced between $50,000 and $100,000. Every single one of the homes in this map are in foreclosure.You can get a GREAT deal and help someone get out from under a great financial burden. If you are an inv...
  Oh my goodness........... this is my 5th map in my series of homes for sale in the Chicago area. This interactive map is for homes priced less than $50,000 that are in foreclosure. If you are an investor and you are looking for a steal of a deal,this map will help you see what is out there. Com...
    This is the fourth map in my series of homes in the Chicago area for sale. This interactive map will list homes for sale in the range of $150,000 to $200,000. Remember, all these homes were selling for almost DOUBLE the current asking price 3 years ago. Just think, you could be buying a home...
    Since I made the first two maps in this series, I figured I would make another interactive map of homes for sale in the Chicago area in the $100,000 to $150,000 range. Tomorrow I willl be posting another set of maps for your information. We invite all owners, buyers, sellers, and investors of...
Well, well, well...... I got so excited about the map I just made for investment homes being marketed for $50,000 or less, I decided to do another map of homes for sale in the Chicago area for $50,000 to $100,000. If you know how do use google maps, this will make your life easy... The Knights Te...
    Hello there!! Do you want an interactive map of homes marketed in the Chicago area around the 60411 area codefor $50,000 or less? Do I have a great map for YOU!! I will be posting MORE maps like this in the future in different areas of Chicago and in different price ranges, so stay tuned!! Fo...
  Here it is..... the current Rice Property Management and Realty service area! There will be added communities soon! If you want more information on ANY of the communities in this map, just click on the blue peg and you will find MORE!! It took a while to get these all included on this map, but ...
"Tis the season" so they say............ and I am going topost some FUN Christmas things to do that are happening in the Chicago area.   First of all, who would not want to visit Santa Claus if you had little ones in tow...   Here are the top 3 places to see him for FREE in Chicago!!   Downtown C...
  Hello there... here is the next installment of homes for sale priced at $50,000.00 or less in the Southern Chicago, IL. real estate area. If you click on the link above, there should be up to 60 properties now in that list. The low asking price for these awesome investment properties is $14,999...

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