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Oh MY GOODNESS! I could not be MORE filled with thanks than at this very moment. So many of our wonderful members of  "Christianity and Real Estate" have submitted such wonderful posts about being thankful this year. It is amazing to read each post...and after reading just two of them today, I wa...
    View Village of Riverdale in a larger map     Hello there! this is the Chicago, IL. area market report for the village of Riverdale, IL.  (zip code 60827)     Although Riverdale is a relatively small town, don't be fooled by it's size. This town is based on strong core values, hard-work, and ...
Hey there everyone! In keeping with my promise to deliver timely information on southern Chicago, IL. area homes for sale ~~~     Here is the Calmuet City and South Holland Market Report:   Single Family Homes # Bedrooms   # Active   Avg. ListPrice   Avg. MarketTime (days) All 485 $127,763       ...
  Yesterday I was e-mailed by my broker, Diane Rice about a prospective tenant that wanted to see two VERY NICE apts. for rent in the southern Chicago area. I went to both of the apts. and got everything ready: Turned on the lights Opened blinds to let in a LOT of light Made sure the doors were o...
  Are YOU having trouble finding YOUR voice in the blogging world?     Here is a typical situation:   You take as much as 45 minutes to an hour typing away, finding pictures to illustrate your point(s)….. structuring the post to be coherent and readable.     Then suddenly, you are finished.. Woo...
      It is high time I got some good advice from area newspapers and other sources in the Chicago area. I have been here for about 3 weeks and I am happy to reportgreat restaurants are not just in Florida..... hehehehehe!! Take these restuarants I have picked.... WOW !! If you like to eat and lo...
Just to make things interesting...... I have ANOTHER 20 Southern Chicago homes for sale. These homes range in price from: A low asking price of  $12,900.00....... WOW !!! A high asking price of $16,900.00......... Oh my Goodness!! These homes are a steal...and with some rehab work, any ofthese pr...
Back when I started out in ActiveRain, I said to myself,"This is gonna help me grow my real estate business......." Little did I know what changes this network were going to make in my LIFE, as well as the lives of others in the real estate profession, as well as those interested in real estate. ...
Larry Bettag is coming on STRONG..... and his many posts aboutalmost everything in his life do not help me at all. Wow... this guy posts about just about everything important in his life.... and people comment on his blogs..... wow!! I try to filter my blog posts and maybe that is where I am goin...
    In conjunction with Diane Rices post about homes for sale in Chicago for under $30,000.00, here is a post with a little more meat to it. In FACT I have 20 of these properties you CAN VIEW from the Chicago area MLS.... How's THAT for some help in looking for Chicago investment property at a R...

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