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    Well, after talking about quitting in my last post to the membership of ActiveRain©, and some very special people in the Christianity and Real Estate group ........ I saw I had hit a milestone at ActiveRain©...... I HAD 500 POSTS AUTHORED!!!   My GOODNESS !!! I did not realize it!!! WOW!! (I...
View Hunters Creek, Orlando Florida in a larger map   Hello everyone, here is the Market Report for Hunters Creek in south west central Florida. Since my last report, there are 114 properties for sale in Hunters Creek. That is DOWN  8 homes from the 122 units offered for sale last month. The low ...
View Lake Nona in south eastern central Florida. in a larger map     Hello there!! This is the Lake Nona Market Report for the end of April 2009. As of this time, there are 48 homes for sale in the Lake Nona area. Lake Nona is known for its many amenities: Lake Nona Town Center -- An open air mal...
As of late I have not been posting our office listings ... I have been lax in posting market conditions..... I have only just starteda new series in the group I founded,"Christianity and Real Estate". As I even begin to think about coming up to my office computer, I hear a voice whisper to me......
How many times have you been told to play the politics game at church? "This person is the head of this dept. so you had better butter them up if you are going to get a position of leadership." "Be 'nice' to those in leadership positions, or else you will get passed bywhen it comes time for peop...
    Are there times when you want to do something, BUT the Lord has said, "Not Yet."? You KNOW He wants you to do this thing, feel like the Apostle Peter.....   "Peter said to Him, 'Lord, why can I not follow Youright now? I will lay down my life for You.' "  John 13:37   When God bri...
Lets keep to the point of what is most importantin the Christian walk. "My eager desire and hope is that I will never feel ashamed, but that I will always honor our Messiah in my own person by fearless courage." Phil.1:20 We all feel ashamed when we do not yield to the Messiah on a point He has ...
  Sometime today (4/3/2009) "Christianity and Real Estate" , a group about what it is like to be a Christian and practicing real estate, hit its 1300th member!!! I am not sure who it is, AND I would have to leaf through the 13 or so pages in the membership roster to find out who this person is......
  Several times in my Christian walk I have had attended bible studies on the Lords prayer. MOST of the studies had said more or less the same thing. Here is a MOVIE that says it all in very simple ways....     If you click on this picture at the right, a new window will open up and a very inspi...
  Here is the Hunters Creek Market report for 3/31/2009. Now as of late, the central Florida real estate market as a whole has been steadily heating up. Since over 13 months ago, the real estate market in central Florida has done two things: The prices of homes sold have GONE DOWN steadily. The a...

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