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I just came back from a week of Spring Skiing in Vermont.  And what an incredible week it was!  One of my best vacations in quite some time.  The weather could not have been better.  50-60 Degrees everyday.  Sunny, bright, hot sunshine, 3 out out of the 5 days.  Absolutely GORGEOUS!!  And I have ...
IN today's realtor magazine there were multiple articles stating that the housing market has probably reached bottom,  that the trend is on an upward swing, and that the jobs are starting to come back.  One local economist from WEllesley COllege was quoted as saying, "I would bet even odds that w...
Did you see the telegraph last week?  THey highlighted a local family as their many paving businesses have been known to scam people into paying for an unwanted paving job.  I guess it is a little bit like a bait and switch scam.  They would approach a neighbor or business in proximity to the per...
Don't you just love the olympics?!  I love, love, love the winter olympics!  Maybe it is because I am from the North, and have an affinity for anything that makes winter more tolerable! :-)  They just seem so much more exciting and dangerous than the summer olympics.  It seems to me that more Ame...
I heard last night that in a small town in Finland, they have a yearly competition to see who can sit the longest in a sauna.  Cute I thought.  But then I heard this - THe temperature of the sauna is 234 Farenheit degrees.  Last year the winner sat in the sauna for over 3 minutes.  Two Hundred an...
77 Days and Counting Although you may close as late as June 30, this year to qualify for the extension on the tax credit, your contract must be in effect, no later than April 30,2010.  This is exactly 11 weeks from today.  A first time homebuyer may request a tax credit of up to $8000 or 10% of t...
BBBRRRRRRRRR!  it is Twenty degrees out, with a rip roaring wind.  Probably about 40 mile an hour gusts.  I am guessing that with the wind chill it is about ten or fifteen below.  I am afraid to confirm that on the weather channel.  It might be colder, and that will only make me want to crawl  un...
It’s been twelve days, and some people still do not have power. I know how difficult that is, however, I am getting a little tired of hearing the politicians DEMANDING a reason to the company’s length of time to get everyone back on the grid, and bad-mouthing the power companies. It seems evident...
1.) Being Warm! 2.) Hot cup of Tea. 3.) Drying My Hair 4.) Lights after dark 5.) Getting on the internet whenever I wanted 6.) Seeing the news, so I can get updates on when the electric would come on! 7.) Cooking Dinner 8.) Holiday Baking 9.) Doing Laundry in MY house! 10.) Sleeping with less th...
Well, we are now on the 5th day w/out power in our neighborhood. I am digging out my recipes for crock pots, as we do have minimal power w/ our generator hookup. It is amazing how dependent we are on power! My daughter is extremely sick today, and I keep going to check on her, now in the pitch b...

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