6 Reasons why 90% of Real Estate Agents fail Got a PLAN?   “Fail to plan and you’re planning to fail?” It’s true. The good news is, for those who gave up on creating a business plan because it was just way to complex, maybe a one page, ‘Executive Summary type of busines...
 This interview with HipPokeet CEO James Bohan-Pit is a result of a question posted by Lise Howe regarding HipPocket.comThis blog is NOT about HipPocket but IS about recognizing problems and how, too often, those who are the closest are the least able to see the problem.James Bohan-Pitt, CEO & Fo...
Six Word Memoirs - RevisitedYou read an explorative blog about technology trends for small business.Then one exploring social concience.Now a blog that will be fun, entertaining and incredibly important in helping you dial in your scope in regards to your business focus. Many of you particpated m...
Today I was a guest of the BIG CAT RESCUE of Tampa Florida.There I met the Canadian Lynx pictured here.I toured the facility and must admit, although truly awed and impressed by the majesty of these marvelous creations, I could not say it was a wonderful trip.You see the cagethe enclosure. I, of ...
Plans, agendas schedules and goals, all the stuff of business life, impinge on our lives every day. As a result, we lose a little of ourselves.The embedded video is a snippet of a TED Talk video.(15 min)"When we focus solely on where we are going and how we'll get there, it is hard to make connec...
2016’s Small Business Technology Trends The  PURPOSE of this blog is to stimulate imagination, encourage curiosity, get out of the box and into discovery.   THE GREAT EQUALIZER In the digital age, the power and ubiquity; the state or capacity of being everywhere, especially at the same time, of ...
As reported by theCenter for Responsive Politics Following is a list of WHO is giving HOW MUCH to Whom. Many companies make political contributions to support those parties or candidates of their choice. Below is a list of companies and the percent they have contributed to a politcal party as rep...
Recently, while at a friends house, the conversation covered the 'holiday stuff' then it went in a different direction. "Did you ever consider eyes?" my friend ask."We all have one or two, but do we ever get a chance to look at eyes? Did you know everyone has a weak eye, a wondering eye, that you...
This morning I overheard words flowing from the radio. a snippet of which suggested some relationship between failure to enter deep sleep and chronic memory failure in later life.Then on Active Rain, a question... about nightmares.Nightmares, anxiety and stress are contributors to failure to achi...
I wanted  to circle back to something...I think it's so important about the crappy stuff that can sufficate.I'm talking about sustainability. And sustainability is about simplicity. It reminds of the story I read when Steve Jobs called the newly appointed Nike CEO. When the new Nike CEO was named...

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