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There has been some press about the pros and cons of getting a traditional HOT WATER HEATER or go for the more expensive TANKLESS WATER HEATERS. Do you have any first-hand experience. I mean owned a tankless unit yourself or had a client have one. Any feedback would be appreciated.               ...
With freezing temps today and tomorrow, watch those exposed pipes. Many people are having either pipes burst or simply feeeze up due to the abnormally low temperatures in the South. The problems I have seen have been with pipes that were completely above ground or a home not running the water dai...
It seems like RADON testing is getting more popular in Georgia. The EPA certainly has a lot of information about it and I don't question whether it's a health problem or not. The research makes sense. My concern is more about the proper way of testing and the companies administering the testing. ...
If you are a first time home purchaser there is a huge incentive and financial boost to buy a home. For a limted time, the federal government will give you an $8,000 TAX CREDIT. This means that you could amend your 2008 tax returns and receive a check for the full amount. If you'd like to use thi...
I noticed that there were a few blogs about BID SELECT, but not very many. I want to share with you my experience. After looking at a listing with an investor, I called the LA for more info. She informed me that my offer will have to be placed on BIDSELECT.COM. We have done this and looks like we...
 Marietta, Georgia - One of the Best Places to Raise Your Kids!  Based on a recent study by BUSINESS WEEK magazine, Marietta was found to be #2 in the state for raising your kids. The study was based on towns/cities with at least 50,000 residents and median income of between $40,000 and $100,000....
We all know that the media has had a field day with REAL ESTATE for a while now. While things are down, it's never as bad as the media portrays, and I feel that the newspapers are the worst. Big articles when the news is gloomy and a 2 line mention on page 16 when things are good. With all of tha...
This crazy world of REO properties. I have an investor, who in one day, asked me to prepare offers on 12 properties. My first thought was the great opportunity to have several more closings this year and generate some extra income. The truth of the matter is, the offers are around $50 to $60K and...
One tool that I carry with me when showing homes is the StreamLight Stylus Pro. With a name like this, it could be anything from lap top to a fountain pen, but it's a FLASHLIGHT. It's a very snall, but very powerful light that fits in your shirt pocket. We've all shown property that had no electr...
I heard a CD of an interview with Steve Kantor this week. Mr. kantor is the author of "BILLION DOLLAR AGENT." I'm Curious if you have read this book. I have not ordered the book, but the interview was intriguing. Mr. Kantor interviews the TOP 70 agents in the country. Those agents that have alrea...

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