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Tri Cities Washington Realtor servicing the needs of buyers and sellers in Kennewick, Richland (and West), and Pasco.
The Wall Street Journal posts reasons to buy a home today, largely in response to Time's piece on why not to buy a home today. In the WSJ article, Brett Arends cites 10 reasons to buy a home today. The usual home ownership reasons are cited, but low interest rates (understatement!) and available ...
These are too funny! As real estate agents, if we so much as give any hint of bias in our advertising we are doomed. My favorite is the Chesterfield ad. Never considered gift wrapping cigarettes as Christmas presents before now. Hmm, maybe a closing gift, eh! Enjoy these... As always, if needing ...
Seriously, these are actual experiences we have encountered within the last several months representing clients purchasing/selling Kennewick homes. I'm sure there are scores of items that could be included in this list, but here is a sampler... In regards to a digital signature, you are asking th...
Since 1910 the people of Pendleton Oregon have put on the Pendleton Rodeo which has turned into one of the world’s most popular rodeo events. Just a short drive from Tri Cities Washington, the rodeo is a four day event taking place September 15-18 at 1:15pm each day. Every year there are throngs ...
A few basic tips we employ when showing Kennewick homes for sale, and holding open houses: 1. Have the sellers conceal valuables to include medicines. 2. Verify prospective buyer's identity before showing the home. 3. Remove pets for the safety of both the open house agent, as well as visitors. 4...
Seriously, what happens when your email provider simply sells out and you no longer have the email address that is on your business cards, letterhead, website, site signs, your tattoos, child's birth certificate, subscriptions, etc. Well, losing your email address is what happened to Verizon cust...
With every listing we post in the front yard of our client's home, "Google This Address." It is the least we can do for them. We do much more than "Google This Address" for our Kennewick homes clients, but we continue to be amazed that no one else gets this small but effective marketing point. Fl...
The family went to the last game of the season for our local minor league baseball team. I sat there watching the game, and of course watching the people. People watching is as much fun as watching baseball, or any other sporting event for that matter. I saw the building contractor guy we often u...
Thought I would pass along an inexpensive way of stocking your image folders with high-quality royalty free stock images. When blogging and/or creating content about Kennewick homes, we always try to include images as eye candy. I just finished a 30-day subscription from where I dow...
We immediately get a snapshot of our competition's knowledge of technology and search behavior by the way our competition prices their homes. We sell all sorts of Kennewick homes and we are amazed at the lack of search behavior knowledge the competition has. According to the NAR, nearly 90% of ho...

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