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I help hundreds of real estate agents each week identify strategies to find new leads, how to engage the ones who find you. Identify the opportunities you have to grow your business. I teach how-to's, as well as strategies and best practices for success, and the best part is, I get to learn along the way too! Join us for our weekly Power Hour.
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I'm in a daze, vegetating on the couch as my 4 yr old son walks up to me and says "Put your hands up, and surrender".  As my eye cracks open I'm looking down the 'barrel' of a Lego gun, and my hands go up as a smile ticks the side of my mouth.    The negotiation begins. . .   I will surrender if ...
Victor Idaho, Shooting Star Subdivision Near Jackson Hole Wyoming It's been just about a year since I put this lot on the market.  Beautiful view, ready to build... the dissapointing part is how little I have heard from my agent.  I realize that there isn't a lot to talk about and say when you d...
Over the past few weeks my world has revolved around agent marketing.  Learning, dissecting, preparing, and presenting marketing templates and campaigns.  How to use them.  How to create them.  How to be effective with them.    You know what my biggest challenge was??? Agents don't know what a ca...
As your clients take eons to list their home, be patient and remember the living they have done there.    My parents moved into their dream house when I was 3.  They chose the lot in a new development in Redmond Wa. (Timberline), the builder (John Buchan), and the house style (rambler/ranch).  It...
It's no secret that change is scary.  When you add in the business element and all the impacts that has, making a change to how you market yourself and your business can give you a real "monster under the bed feeling".  Unfortunately, in times where change is needed, this feeling can cause people...
Here in Seattle we have shifted from Buyers’ Market to Sellers’ Market, and the buyers are Crazy!  People are contacting home owners and asking to buy their homes.  Pictures of families and reasons why this home will make the buyers lives better litter the sheet.  Homes are flying off the shelf ...
My husband heard the refridgerator open the other day.  When he walked around the corner he found our 3 yr old... scrounging the fridge for a Gogurt (they are in the door)    
The end is near...   Seattle is expecting snow,         expect up to 1-3" overnight... (yup I mean inches)        Laugh Now!       To understand our panic you need to know a bit about our topography and climate:  Seattle is on the rainy side of a rain shadow.  Our city is next to a temperate rain...
Seattle is a beautiful city... I'm totally biased.  But it really is. If you are ever in the area or talking to a Seattleite this phrase may come up.   The mountain is out   You might think to your self, hmm? aren't mountains always out? and aren't there a lot of mountains surrounding Seattle.  T...

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