A must read... Working with a Realtor! Are you in the market to buy or sale your home? Please read below and find out why hiring a Realtor is the best decision you could make!      Working with a Realtor Working with a REALTOR® Why You Should Work With a REALTOR® Not all real estate practitioners...
 Resolving Common Seller Issues Re-blogged by 0 agents     If you're working in real estate, you're bound to run into one of these problems. But if you address them early and honestly, they shouldn't present major obstacles for your transaction. July 2011 | By Rich Levin Do you ever clash with s...
WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR IN YOUR NEW HOME? Let's make a wish list! What does your future home look like? Where is it located? As you hunt down your dream home, consult this list to evaluate properties and keep your priorities top of mind.NeighborhoodsWhat neighborhoods do you prefer?SchoolsWhat s...
100% FINANCING Did you know in certain areas of Slidell, LA and the surrounding areas, there are still programs that offer 100% financing when purchasing a home? With todays economy few people are able to come up with a massive amount of money to put down towards purchasing a home. Now you don't ...

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