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It seems to happen every year...the kids go back to school and withing two weeks they are sick. Typically I seem to catch the bug the following week. Why should this year be an exception? Of course it is not! Last night I woke up with a terrible cough. I can feel the wave of this virus coming ove...
Now that the dog days of summer are past, it is time to get serious with this business.  I have always had my best months in October, November, and once in December.  I have always felt there were just a few factors: I am not as distracted so I work harder - back to the law of attraction Customer...
I came across a great blog that is worth the read.  It is short: The author relates Darwin's theory of evolution to the evolution of the mortgage industry and especiall...
I hope my story will help you understand why I support Healthcare reform with a strong public option.  Although anecdotal, my situation is being repeated daily by thousands of Americans.   I work in the mortgage industry, which as you know has been quite volatile.  Because of the employer based h...
In a world of shrinking mortgage options, I have found a way to grow my market. I call it CS (credit score) 101. Many consumers do not meet minimum thresholds to get a mortgage loan in today's world of FNMA/FHLMC/FHA/VA/USDA only lending. Often I find that credit scores are unnecessarily low beca...
Yesterday I posted a blog titled "The Death of an Industry" and it obviously struck a nerve.  The Mortgage Lending community has been put under the microscope lately and tensions are running high.  My blog discussed how changes in business practices by large commercial banks and mortgage bankers,...
I opened my first mortgage brokerage company in 1991.  The industry trend was away from banks and toward brokers.  Brokers had several intrinsic advantages: •1.       They could shop the market place for price.  While most lenders pricing is very close, mortgage brokers could find that one lender...
  CS (Credit Score) 101   This class is held by appointment at our offices in Lincoln Center, near Washington Square in Portland, OR. It consists of the following:   •1.      A one on one credit evaluation including a free credit report. •2.      An hour of training on credit scoring and what mak...
I am a firm believer that you can thrive in tough times with the right attitude and the right approach.  Abigail Dougherty, a business coach and author of "The Straight Edge News" writes the following:  That conversation reminded me of two lessons many business owners and managers forget."What we...
This morning I was listening to CNBC and herd a pundit say that he expects the US economy to go into a recession for the 4th quarter...After I picked myself off the floor from laughing so hard, I started thinking about the ramifications of the denial of Wall Street to the facts of our times.  Cle...

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